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Claffey's Cocktails Breaking Announcement That's Sure to Change Your Summer

Claffey's has partnered with a formidable industry leader, McClary Innovation! McClary Innovation brings 30+ years of International and Domestic packaging and product innovation and leadership.


Fun and exciting news from Claffey's Frozen Cocktails, making it possible for anyone 21 years and older to enjoy their adult fun flavored popsicles. Claffey's has partnered with a formidable industry leader, McClary Innovation! McClary Innovation brings 30+ years of International and Domestic packaging and product innovation and leadership. This powerhouse partnership along with Claffey's new state of the art expanded production facility, increases our production capacity by more than 500%. These advancements ensure Claffey's ability to continue to spread their fun and innovative products across the globe.

Charlie McClary, CEO of McClary Innovation, on the partnership: "We are very excited about the partnership with Claffey's and know the current tremendous growth will only increase. We have international distributors in line as well as North America growing drastically. With the new production facility now online we will have no problem meeting demand and the ability to scale up quickly." Said Claffey's COO, Jeremy Dalton, about the new partnership: "I couldn't be or feel any more excited, grateful, and blessed to have McClary Innovation as our new partner. The technical expertise and global relationships that Charlie and team are adding to our growing business are vital and an immeasurable asset. Add into the mix the new production facility and there's no limit to our capabilities or where we can grow too!"

Exactly where in the World Is Claffey's?

Claffey's will soon be everywhere! They are asking our fans to give us a hand-spreading the word. Expect to see #whereintheworldisclaffeys start appearing on social media. Claffey's is encouraging fans to play a boozy-game of Where's Waldo by posting where they found Claffey's Frozen Cocktails with the hashtag. Each fan has a chance to win a case — 6 boxes — of Claffey's Frozen Cocktails to enjoy with their favorite group of weekend warriors all summer long.

Major find at Major Retailers!

Claffey's Frozen Cocktails are also now offered at multiple Costco locations as well as other major retailers like Total Wine and More, Cost Plus World Market and many others. Claffey's is working tirelessly to compose an online list to help all of those who want to enjoy these fun-filled frozen cocktails more easily. Claffey's would also like to offer these words of encouragement the plethora of new fans from all over the Nation who want to buy their frozen popsicles: "Don't worry! We will be there soon." 

Noteworthy, ICYMI: In Case you missed it! 

Knowing is half the battle and it isn't just at Major Retailers, Grocery Stores, Convenient Chains or local liquor stores where Claffey's Frozen Cocktails can be found. Claffey's has been featured in multiple big-name publications like,,,,,,,,, amongst a multitude of others. With their rising popularity and in-your-face marketing promoting "Living your best life," it's clear Claffey's Frozen Cocktails is taking the Nation and world by storm.

Just in Time: Order Them Online

Some fans of these low-calorie summer pops haven't been able to buy Claffey's in their area: there are more than a few ways to get a box of these wine popsicles to you, by ordering them online with Emilio's Beverage Warehouse and Ranchos Liquor. Claffey's is expanding our reach into markets yet untouched. See them at your favorite store!

With so much excitement in the industry right now about the new category that Claffey's has created and innovated, it's hard not to get excited about what the future holds for the frozen adult beverage space when seeing two great companies come together like this. Chris Claffey, Founder and CEO stated:

"I couldn't be more excited to see my vision becoming a reality. Some say it is a 'Phenomenon of Fun' or, if we could be so lucky, a major part of 'Pop-Culture.' We couldn't be more humbled to have so much early success. As we grow, it is important to know that we keep our customer's need and wants in premier focus. We love nothing more than hearing all the amazing feedback and in essence 'sharing the good times' with our beloved customers. Thank you, everyone!"

About Claffey's Frozen Cocktails:

Claffey's Frozen Cocktails is the brainchild of CEO/Founder Chris Claffey, who wanted to make an adult popsicle that could keep up with those looking to live it up and stay cool at the same time. Jeremy Dalton, Partner, and COO have been executing the dream, working endlessly to help keep Claffey's Frozen Cocktails innovation and production needs in line and moving full steam ahead. The shared vision of high quality and the amazing flavor is at the forefront of our passion to grow leaps and bounds. Following our soft launch in 2017, the Claffeys Brand found success appearing on's Elevator Pitch leading to being featured in major Retailers like Costco around the Country.  With our new Strategic Partnership with McClary Innovation, an industry giant and global packaging innovator, Claffey's is poised to become the number 1 frozen product for any moment worth celebrating. Find out more at

About McClary Innovation:

McClary Innovation is a food production management and operating partner company with over 30 years of food production and packaging experience. Founder and CEO Charlie McClary leads a team of experts in food production, processing, blending, and packaging. With experience leading strategy and growth for successful companies around the globe. McClary Innovation can help you with your food and packaging needs.

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