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First Billionaires Row Luxury Venue Opens

PRNewswire/ -- Chairman William Benson announced today the eminent opening of the first Billionaires Row Luxury Venue "CLUB BILLIONAIRES ROW NEW YORK.


Negotiations in several cities are occurring simultaneously as the Billionaires Row "Pink Diamond" of Champagnes, Clothing, Swimwear and Luxury Brands have burst on the International Scene as a Trademark of Exclusivity and Luxury for Discerning Clientele Worldwide. Finance, Business, Sports Figures, Entertainment and Luxury Goods and Services Magnets are working to get the first Licensing deals in place to provide the "CLUB BILLIONAIRES ROW" social, dining and entertainment experience ahead of anyone else.

"The Worldwide recognition of this Brand has brought Club Owners to our door demanding a place to claim as our own. The recognition created a demand for licensing our Trademark to exist in a fine dining and club atmosphere where owners, members, guests and connoisseurs can congregate, exchange ideas and just enjoy the best life has to offer," said Chairman William Benson.

Billionaires Row

Firecracker bottles. (PRNewsFoto/Billionaires Row)

The International CLUB BILLIONAIRES ROW network is going to make Billionaires Row an accessible and delicious addition to the Exclusive Luxury Markets being accessed by Billionaires Row Champagne, Caviar, Swimsuits and the Partnerships created in the Social Environment of International Luxury Goods, Products and Services. These casinos of gathering will bring charitable, social, evening, event, philosophical and philanthropic audiences an elegant atmosphere where achieving humanitarian goals, socializing and dining are experiences to be savored and remembered.

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