Wine Importers in Italy

Sommeliers Choice Awards 2023 Winners

On this page you will find a list of Wine Importers in Italy

1. Carlo Lotti

Carlo Lotti is dedicated to the wine world since more than fifteen years, with the passion and expertise that has always been dedicated to books. The wine selection that you will find on the web but also inside the store is the best you can find with regard to the production of Tuscan wines, Italian and more. Carlo Lotti is also able to arrange any labels on demand, both Italian and foreign desire.

Address: Wine Library Carlo Lotti, San Casciano in Val di Pesa, Florence – Italy

Phone: + 39 055820279



2. Distribuzione il Grappolo Snc

Distribuzione il Grappolo Snc offers retail for both private individuals and companies, with a & rsquo; wine shop well stocked with labels is wine red and white, beer, liqueurs, grappas, sparkling wines, champagnes as well as typical Tuscan products and homemade pasta. Distribuzione il Grappolo Snc also provide a unique method and simple for the sale of bulk wine at popular Bolgheri through the system bag-in-box, a bag with a tap from which the wine comes out for implosion, without allowing all & rsquo; oxygen to enter it all & rsquo; internal increasing cos & Igrave; the shelf life of up to 4 months.

Address: Il Grappolo Vini, Via dell'Artigianato, 82 Follonica (GR) - 58022 Italy

Phone: +39 056656128



3. Enoteca Lucantoni is an online e-commerce since 1999 specializing in the sale of wines, spirits, liqueurs, and food selected by expert sommeliers and sold at extremely competitive prices. Vocati to the service of their customers; Enoteca Lucantoni are committed to ensuring online in absolutely safe environments payments (transactions take place only on Gestpay Banca Sella or Paypal) and pack carefully the products you buy from them and to send them with the fast and efficient courier. Furthermore, all deliveries are therefore insured in case of breakages, losses and more they strive to promptly solve the problem.

Address: Stelluti Largo Vigna, 33 00191 Roma

Phone: (+39) 06 3293743 / (+39) 06 3292338



4. La Loggia

Their ‘mission’ is to promote Italian wine worldwide and express through this product the high-quality their country is capable of. The key values of La Loggia’s initiative are Passion for wine, Enthusiasm for work and continuous stride to Professionalism and Excellence. In order to reach these ambitious objectives they aim, day by day, to emotionally involve their staff, to enhance intellectual, creative and professional abilities so that the culture of knowledge is shared by everyone at all levels. People may doubt what they say but believe in what they do.

Address: Enoteca La Loggia S.r.l., Corso Cavour, 129, 05018 Orvieto (TR), Italia


Phone: +39 0763 341657


5. Mondivino

They would like to be recognized in the future as the Tuscany wines specialist. Mondivino is a wine merchant trading Tuscany, Italian, French wines, among many of them, for example, Sassicaia, Masseto, Ornellaia, Solaia, Redigaffi, Gaja, Domaine de la Romanée Conti, Petrus, Mondivino is specialized to find any fine, rare and old wines from all over the world, especially Tuscany and Italian wines Mondivino is happy to assist any Italian wineries in exporting its wine and any importer who needs advice to make an accurate selection of Tuscan and Italian wineries, Mondivino is able to organize wine and gourmet tours for private or corporate customers with the help of their local partner.

Address: Via Costa ai Mandorli, 2 - 57022 Castagneto Carducci - BOLGHERI DOC, Toscana, Italia


Phone: +39 347 88 41 702


6. XtraWine

XtraWine was founded in 2008 by a group of friends united by their passion for wine and confidence in the potential of the internet vehicle. Careful selection of wines, always competitive prices and a high-technology Internet site that make it fast and easy to use, pose XtraWine as a reference point for the distribution on-line of Italian wine. Present in all CEE countries and in much of the rest of the world XtraWine offers a wine list referenced by the best Italian and international guides. All this alongside a list of the best French Champagne. The richness of information content makes XtraWine a unique tool to explore the fabulous world of wine and what revolves around it, such as recipes matched to the different types of wine pairings with food, production techniques, and cross-evaluation by experts, information features and much more. Because wine is not only a food but also culture.  XtraWine goals are a focus on speed of delivery and transport costs and free the world beyond a small purchase threshold that varies from country to country.

Address: 4 Via Fossato Vecchio, Forli 47100, Emilia-Romagna

Phone: +39 (0)5 432 7235



7. Wine & Spirits 1868

Levi distilleries, born in 1868, produce Schnapps and Spirits of high quality. At first, their ancestors, while traveling, brought their products outside the borders of their homeland, Lombardy Region. After moving to Piedmont, they have been pursued their activity, which has become a stable business with a larger output, always with the aim of giving their customers excellent products until 1968, when the first “Vin de cépage” was produced. Thereafter the pursuit of quality, combined with innovation, has no longer stopped. Then the activity has been evolving over time leaving the distillation in order to follow the dictates of the market but always with a view to better meet the customers’ demands. Since 1993, Wine & Spirits 1868 has been working on the international market as an Import-Export Company and currently is operating in twenty-two countries in the world, being specialized in buying and selling the most important Italian and French high-quality wines. Their strength lies in the flexibility on meeting the market requests and their customers’ demands, whether international companies or private consumers pursuing the quality in this area.

Address: 51 Caluso Torino, Torino 10014, Piemonte

Phone: +39 (0)1 1989 1099



8. Alla Corte di Bacco

At the Court of Bacchus Wines & Restaurant Srl ( - shop online wine) is a family-run business, whose owner, Silvestri Alfonso In addition to its activities in the city selling point for several years, practical e-commerce from 2003, operating in the sale of food and wine. At the Corte di Bacco, it is therefore also a wine shop and you can buy wine online. Attention to the customer, reliability, service, attractive prices, fast delivery times makes one of the most reliable e-commerce sites for buying wine online. Thanks largely to the determination, persistence, and perseverance of their team, thanks to the synergy of the team, purchase of means security and respect of commitments. At the court of Bacchus: the customer is always first. Try their services destined aimed at selling wine online.

Address: 69 Via Roma, Gragnano 80054, Campania

Phone: +39 (0)8 1801 2787


9. Andar Per Vino (Marche)

They are an ' Enoteca Marchigiana specializing in wine and in typical products of the Marche. The name of their Enoteca born from the many wonderful trips made in the Marche land, moving from one basement to seek out only the best products, those certified, made with quality raw materials and natural ingredients, " the same products that they would like to offer their guests and put on their tables every day "- they said and so they did, tasting and appreciating firsthand what then offer to you. The flavors of the Marches are those of a land of fairy tales and stunning landscapes, villages where time stands still and large fields, a small, unknown companies that produce really excellent; Marche is an enchanted land and love for this land and its gastronomic jewels born Andarpervino, Enoteca Marchigiana with shop-online and physical location in Recanati.

Address: 58A Nazario Sauro Road, Recanati, Marche

Phone: +39 (0)7 1757 0036



10.  Apulia’s Wine

The organic wine is defined by a European regulation that has set the standard for methods of vinification. The main restrictions to which a producer of Apulia’s wines must comply relate to the use of adjuvants to the phase of vinification, about half of the normal productions, and the maximum total sulfur limit, place to 100mg / l for red wines and 150 mg / l for white wines. A wine will then be organic when produced from organic grapes grown without the use of chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides and weeded and without the use of genetically modified organisms and if the wine is made only with methods authorized by the European Regulation.

Address: 76 Via Stanislao L’Abbate, Polignano a Mare 70044, Puglia

Phone: +39 (0)345 780 6089

  11. Vinity Wine Company

Vinity Wine Company imports wines of character from artisan producers who represent the best of their regional and local cultures. Their producers’ wines reflect the authenticity and excellence that comes from generations of experience in the vineyard and in the cellar, together with an unwavering focus on quality. Respect for nature and distinctive rationality, and an effortless companionship with food and friends – these are the hallmarks of the wines they import.

Address: 5950 Doyle Street Ste. #4, Emeryville, CA 94608


Phone: 510-601-6010


12. Wine Guru

In Wine Guru imported wines online shop for carefully selected the best wines of other importers. Therefore, if the wine, sparkling wine (prosecco, cava, champagne) is stored, its quality is tested and meets their requirements. Of course its price level and category. "Other beverages" folder - select whiskey, cognac, brandy, grappa, rum, tequila, mead and other alcoholic beverages. Among the accessories are you will find a variety of gift packaging options opener, nozzle, jams, decanters, gift sets and other wine accessories.

Address: Verkių g. 36, LT-09109 Vilnius, Lithuania



13. The Bussotti Enoteca

The Bussotti Enoteca is located in the city center of Florence since 1937 and is managed by Bussotti family since 1961, it sells retail and wholesale domestic and foreign wines with particular attention to those typical of Tuscany, champagne, sparkling wines and spirits of the prestigious international brands as well as food specialties from various Italian regions. They are part of the regional wines of the most prestigious brands of Chianti, Vin Santo, Nobile di Montepulciano, Brunello di Montalcino, Morellino di Scansano, Vernaccia di San Gimignano in addition to the famous Super Tuscans typical of Bolgheri and other areas (Ornellaia, Masseto, Tignanello, Solaia, Tenuta di Trinoro, Redigaffi Messorio, Scrio, Lupicaia etc.).

Address: Via S. Gallo 161R Florence - Italy

Phone: +39





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