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United Kingdom


You’re right if your first thoughts are oh no, spare us, the world doesn’t need another bland and boring vodka battling for space on supermarket shelves and in bars and clubs. But bland and boring is not what we do. And volume, volume, volume is not part of our mantra. Vestal vodka is pioneering a new take on vodka that has more in common with fine wine, cognac or single cask whisky than anything we currently know as vodka. What the French call “terroir” in regard to vineyards is vital to us in deciding where and what variety of potato to plant. We have also embraced some of the techniques of Whisky and Cognac production and marketing. Cellaring and ageing to add value to small, high-class batches of artisanal vodka is what we do. Ours are vodkas with a vintage and a very specific provenance. Ours are vodkas which improve with age and which fetch higher and higher prices as the vintage sells out. Ours are vodkas which, like an outstanding Bordeaux or single cask whisky, can never be faithfully replicated. Contact us for further information on this exciting brand. VV

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