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Local Choice Spirits are artisan crafted via the patented TerrePURE® Process, scientifically substantiated, ultra-sonic energy driven oxidation and filtration advancements in distillation that refine, redefine and rapidly mature grain neutral spirits more effectively than traditional multiple distillation, filtering methods or aging in oak barrels. Congeners,undesirable free radicals and toxins are reacted away by as much as 70%. But most surprisingly, some of the unpleasant acids that are present in other well known spirits are organically converted into esters and glycerides, responsible for the incomparable smoothness and taste of Local Choice Spirits with the viscosity and legs of a fine wine or the most heralded spirit at a fraction of the cost. Professional tasting experts have awarded our spirits over 50 awards at major international spirits competitions in the US, UK and China, taking the gold medals away from many market leaders. And it is the only gluten free and complete Kosher certified line of spirits in the world today. But more importantly: LOCAL CHOICE SPIRITS DISTRIBUTES ITS PROFITS BACK TO THE LOCAL CAUSE OF YOUR CHOICE. AND ALLOWS YOU TO PARTNER WITH THEM PROMOTING YOUR OWN BRAND MARK WITHOUT ANY COST TO YOU! When celebration and community prosperity come together, nothing could be more brilliant, divine or revolutionary. Make this a choice we can all live with!

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GB Consultant Country: United Kingdom

Countries covered: North America, Africa and Euroupe
Current product line: Wine;Spirits;Beverages;Non Alc Drinks;Beers
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Target customers: Distributors;On-Premise Retailers;Off-Premise Retailers;National and Large Chains
Compensation method: Commision Based

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