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“Sakura” Japan Women's Wine Awards 2020




This is the Seventh time women in the Japanese wine industry have participated in judging wines at the “Sakura” Japan Women's Wine Awards. The award-winning wines are available for consumers at supermarkets, wine shops, and on-line. At the same time, these wines are also being served in restaurants as well. Currently, wine consumption in Japan is predominant in large metropolitan cities, but we hope these award-winning wines will help to expand consumption to rural areas as well.

This year 560 judges gathered from all over Japan. Well-honed taste of these wine professionals has selected the award-winning wines, wines which are widely accepted by Japanese people.

For Further information: Sakura Awards 


Location & Dates

From: 29/01/2020
Up to: 30/01/2020
Location: city of Tokyo


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