Sommeliers Choice Awards 2023 Winners

Ekfraseis Winery LTD

  • Category: Winery

  • Country: Cyprus

  • Date:05/06/2021

Ekfraseis Winery is located at Chandria, a village in Cyprus. It has proprietary vineyards at an average altitude of 1300m in the Pitsilia region and cultivates select international grape varieties and traditional, local ones.

The annual production is based on its own vineyards and the winery tries to continuously upgrade the vineyards aiming at diverse and distinct wines. The winery’s philosophy is to showcase the unique ecosystem where its vineyards are located, through the unique characteristics in the wines produced. Expressing these peculiarities is the basic principle of any vinification effort. The winery’s wines are distinguished for their quality and balance, are produced in limited quantities, and have been internationally awarded on multiple occasions. The winemaker and his collaborators constantly pursue the merge of traditional practices with contemporary winemaking and viniculture methods, aiming to offer alternative wine experiences to wine lovers. The winery accepts visits and offers the chance to those interested to experience this great sensation brought on by the contact with the place that brings the wines to life. ​Pitsilia has been known for its vineyards and wine for decades. Legends, traditions, and history of the region are testimony to the depth of its vineyards’ roots, the strength of the relationship of the vineyards with its people. The grapevine is a symbol of Pitsilia, a symbol of the daily struggle for survival, a symbol of the generations it has raised. Over time, the grapevine has brought mindsets closer, determined lifestyles, and created culture. The southern slopes of Madari are a rugged, rocky, mountainous region, offering however the right circumstances for viniculture. One will mainly encounter Xynisteri as far as white grape varieties are concerned, and Mavro as well as Maratheftiko when it comes to the red ones. Both the microclimate and the soil are favorable elements to the excellent, harmonious maturing of the fruit, the showcasing of varietal virtues, and the creation of wines with depth and intensity. Ekfraseis Winery uses these varieties through grapes cultivated in proprietary vineyards which are scattered in a large range of these slopes. It also cultivates famous, international varieties which are used to make wines with a varietal identity and distinct elements of the terroir. At Ekfraseis Winery we have established an enthusiastic team, composed of young people with a strong passion, persistence, and will to create while focusing on quality and respect for nature. This, combined with the experience gained after each crop, results in high-quality wines with style and finesse.

Our range is composed of balanced, varietal wines, harmonious blends, and innovative bottling. Our enthusiasm, knowledge, inspiration, and everlasting restlessness can be easily detected in our products. The collection is completed by the winemaker’s wine inspirations, where the artistic approach to the science of vinification easily stands out. Our wines have won recognition and respect in a rather short period. The fans of our wines see the particularity, innovative style, and clear expression of the terroir and our passion for attractive, fine bottling. The awards our wines have managed to receive on both local and international levels, the love of the people, and the recognition of our efforts, motivate us to continue creating and evolving, and strengthen our will, guiding us to new pursuits. They are the award for our efforts and encourage us to move on toward our targets and become better.

Sommeliers Choice Awards 2023 Winners

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