Sommeliers Choice Awards 2023 Winners

Simma Vineyards & Wine

  • Category: Winery

  • Country: Chile

  • Date:17/08/2020

Francisco Montenegro is passionate about the wine world. He began his career in the 90s, working for different wineries in Chile. The vineyards, the harvest, the alcoholic fermentation and much more were part of his day to day, which allowed him to have an accurate and 360º view of vitiviniculture in Chile. Today, decides again to take a step towards to the future with Simma Vineyards & Wines, taking a piece of Chile and marking presence in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan and Vietman, among other destinations -, with wines that reflect identity, origin and a unique style Located in the Maule Valley, Known as the cradle of Chilean wine, the Maule Valley is about 260 kilometres south of Santiago, capital of Chile. It is a cold and fluvial valley, located between the Los Andes and the coast mountain chain. It goes back to the time of the Spanish conquistadors, who in the sixteenth century already cultivated Pais. It is well known for the quality of its red wines, particularly Merlot, Carmenère and Syrah. Soils are derived from volcanic ash and are composed of sand and sandy loam. Their vineyards are flat and receive excellent exposure to sunlight. The winery where our wines are made, is located in Villa Alegre, in the heart of this valley, and has the most modern technology for vilification, stabilization, bottling and labeling.

Privileged, Mediterranean climate, winter rains are normal and dry summers, with marked oscillations of temperature between day and night, which allows the grapes to obtain the right maturity of tannins, excellent aromas and an optimal concentration of color.

Sommeliers Choice Awards 2023 Winners

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