Sommeliers Choice Awards 2023 Winners


  • Category: Wine Wholesaler

  • Country: United States

  • Date:28/08/2020

Argentina has been producing some exquisite wines which have been loved and accepted by wine critics from all over the world. Unfortunately, not a lot of wine consumers are aware of premium wines in Argentina and most of those wines never make it out of the country. Unable to find some of the Argentine wine gems in the United States, Todd Bone, a passionate wine lover, gave birth to VinoApp. Our goal is to introduce Argentine Wine World to everyone, and make unique Argentine wines accessible to everyone!

VinoApp is a platform dedicated to rating and promoting high-quality Argentine wine. VinoApp was born when one of our founders, Todd Bone, started frequenting Argentina on business trips. There, he fell in love with the wines he tried; which ranged from classic Argentine Malbecs to Chardonnays with a unique twist due to the terrain’s high altitude. What they all had in common was their amazing value: he was able to drink the best quality wines at a great price in comparison to their European counterparts. When he returned home to the US, Todd was outraged upon realizing that he couldn’t find these incredible wines he’d been enjoying in Argentina. Along with Joaquín, he created VinoApp to solve that. When VinoApp began, over 78% of US customers were making wine purchasing decisions based on wine ratings, but only 4% of Argentine wine was rated. Therefore, VinoApp’s first goal is to bring Argentine wines into consumers’ radar by rating more of them, and we currently have a database of over 1500 vintages. These are not just the vintages from bigger wineries than can afford to pay the fees to get their products ranked, but they’re also hidden gems from smaller parcels in Argentina. VinoApp’s rating system is novel and guaranteed to produce the best results. We partner with a panel of expert wine-tasters from an Argentine Sommelier School that taste various Argentine wines blindly, giving them a completely unbiased score. We do all of this in collaboration with the EVA, the Argentine Wine School. Check out the wines we’ve rated so far in our Vintages page. VinoApp’s next goal is to give more people the chance to try these amazing Argentine wines. We made this come true by creating our very own Wine Club and our Store. Now, US consumers can subscribe to receive a box of three specially curated boutique wines delivered straight to their doorstep every quarter. They can also choose to buy additional wines and wine accessories through our store. Join us in becoming an Argentine wine fanatic by downloading VinoApp now! Available in both the Apple Store and Google Play for free.

Sommeliers Choice Awards 2023 Winners

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