Sommeliers Choice Awards 2024 Winners

Le Cantine Inc.

  • Category: Wine Wholesaler

  • Country: United States

  • Date:30/08/2020

A N.Y.S. licensed Wholesale Distributor of Imported fine Wines from around the world. Add our collection of superb quality wines to your collection. We have done the research, have negotiated competitive prices, so that you can enjoy a great bottle of wine with your family and friends.

Our market  is full of Spirits, Alcoholic beverages, and Wines of all levels. From High end to at best mediocre wines from countries not especially known for producing quality wines. Indeed, it's wonderful to know that our firm, brings to the U.S. market, an extensive collection of wines ranging from the average economical basic wine to the very complex and very expensive classical and time-tested wines Imported directly from Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Germany and other well-known wine producing countries. They are now, of course, the envy of our competition. You can never replace a look-a-like for the real thing. We will continue to scan the globe in order to bring to our clients wines worthy of their respect and appreciation.

Our love for a good bottle of wine, has led us over the last 30 years in search of classical, great and wholesome wines which compliment our eating habits in the U.S. Our wines range from the very complex and robust wines to the simple, light and crispy wines. All  relative and very sensitive to market pricing.

Sommeliers Choice Awards 2024 Winners

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