Sommeliers Choice Awards 2023 Winners


  • Category: Wine Wholesaler

  • Country: Japan

  • Date:28/10/2019

From Sourcing, Negotiation to Destination; SakePortal offers a smooth business flow. We have traveled Japan to source from traditional and innovative Sake breweries who produce Sake with strong stories to give a differentiating sales points for our Sake importers. Through our shipping partners we provide a logistical solution to match your needs. Should you need anything or have questions please do allow us to help you.

Sakeportal is a Sake distributor and Sake exporter selling Japanese Sake fresh and direct from the Sake breweries in Japan. We help agents, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, bars, restaurants, hotels and businesses looking to import Sake or sell Japanese Sake direct to customers. Based in Kyoto, Japan and under direct Agreement with the Sake breweries, SakePortal represents small Artisan Sake breweries to bring True Taste Sake to the world.

We also offer private/custom label Sake and your own OEM Sake! SakePortal targets businesses interested in the import of Sake and looking to increase sales. Japan based licensed Japanese Sake distributor and exporter of smaller Artisan breweries with generations of history and awards. We focus on breweries who excel in producing the highest quality Sake using traditional methods and sourcing/supporting local businesses. We enjoy supporting and growing with our import partners. We can deliver to wholesalers, distributors and direct to bars, restaurants, hotels etc.. English staff for a smooth business flow

Sommeliers Choice Awards 2023 Winners

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