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United Beauty (Beijing) International Trading Co., Ltd.

  • Category: Wine Importer

  • Country: China

  • Date:29/01/2019

Founded in 2010, United Huimei (Beijing) International Trading Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive international trading company specializing in the sale of medium and high-end fine wines. The company integrates import sales service and its cultural promotion and is mainly dedicated to the promotion of original high-quality wines and their cultures of the famous German winemaking family. 

German wines can be said to be well-known and important in the wine world. It is important to know that the most expensive white wines are still produced in Germany. To this end, the company has signed an agency agreement with three German wineries that produce medium and high-end fine wines, becoming the exclusive agent for the three wineries in China. The wines sold are from Germany, which shows the company's strong strength and excellent quality of the agent. 

In order to maintain the excellent quality of the wine, United Huimei (Beijing) International Trading Co., Ltd. has a special constant temperature storage warehouse for the storage of original German fine wines. 

United Huimei (Beijing) International Trade Co., Ltd. uses its unique resource advantages to import a large number of German original luxury wines with comprehensive varieties and reasonable prices. At the same time, the company's strong market network covers star-rated hotels, high-end restaurants, supermarkets, bars and nightclubs in major cities in China. The company also establishes good cooperative relations with many domestic customers (such as enterprises, star-rated hotels, agents, wine lovers, etc.) and foreign suppliers, and provides a series of professional and personalized suggestions and services including: wine Knowledge training, wine investment collection, wine tasting banquet planning, wine storage solutions, gift packaging, matching, etc. 

With a deep understanding of Chinese tastes and the industry, the company draws on its essence. Each wine is carefully selected by a professional sommelier and carefully cared for in the course of transportation to ensure its quality. 

The company guarantees that each bottle and each batch of imported wines are guaranteed to have a legal customs clearance certificate and a tax payment certificate to ensure that each bottle of wine is filled in the country of origin. 

We sincerely invite people of insight from all over the country to taste and join.

Our goal is to provide the best quality wines at the most favorable price, to provide professional and perfect after-sales service, to establish an excellent wine importer status, and ultimately to guide consumers to recognize and drink quality wines. 

The first set of the brewing process is to first

remove the stems and remove the grapefruit from the comb-like branches. Because the branches contain a lot of tannic acids, there is an unpleasant taste in the wine.

Second, press the fruit. When making red wine, the grape skin and the grape meat are pressed at the same time. The red pigment contained in the red wine is released when the grape skin is pressed, so the color of the red wine is red.

Third, juice and fermentation. After juicing, you can get the raw material of the wine - grape juice. With wine, you can make good wine. Wine is a product obtained by fermentation. After fermentation, the sugar contained in the grapes will gradually turn into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Therefore, during the fermentation process, the sugar content is less and less, and the alcohol content is getting higher and higher. Through the slow fermentation process, you can brew a delicate red wine.

Fourth, the addition of sulfur dioxide. To maintain the fruity and freshness of the wine, the second precipitation takes 4 to 6 weeks. The order of precipitation and the order of time depend on the taste to be achieved.

Fifth, after the wine has been stored in the bucket for 3 to 9 months, it will be bottled.


The second set
A, remove the stem: In order to avoid the extra bitter taste in the wine, the stem is removed from the fruit. 

B, broken: the skin is smashed and crushed gently, called broken. 

C. Fermentation: Add yeast to the broken grapes (along with the peel and seeds). Because the color of red wine comes from the peel, the smell of the wine is the smell released by the seeds. 

D. Juice extraction: The fermented wine is extracted by a juicer. 
E. Fermentation: Separate the extracted wine from the peel and seeds, and then only ferment the wine. This stage is the key to determining the taste of the wine. The fully fermented mature is the wine of different tastes.

Sommeliers Choice Awards 2023 Winners

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