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Spirit Depot - Navigator Sp.z o.o. S.K.

  • Category: Spirits Importer

  • Country: Poland

  • Date:03/09/2020

In 2020, the combination of Navigator Polska's many years of commercial experience and the needs of the developing Polish market creates Spirit Depot - a composition of alcohols from around the world with better and better aromas and flavors less interesting in their structure. Having as a course navigating to undiscovered horizons to introduce aromas, flavors, combinations and traditions of products satisfying the natural path of curiosity to know each consumer. To know Everything but the ordinary.

We are company with more than 8 years’ experience in wholesale market as a one of the biggest FMCG distribution company in Poland. We are daily working with over 350 clients in wholesale, modern trade, traditional trade, regional retail network and Horeca. From the beginnings of 2020 we are building portfolio of imported alcohol beverages. We truly believe that balanced and equal distribution and restricted pricing policy with product activation is perfect route to market. Each product will be unique for us and taking care very individual. We just established this project as Spirit Depot.

About spirit - what is the Spirit Depot?

Alcohol is much more than an intoxicating drug. It has shaped our culture for millennia, influenced the development of the mind, religion and art. The very etymology of the word alcohol directs us towards the beliefs and traditions that, in their simplicity, defined alcohol as a spirit. The Spirit, who with his presence opens the door to our near reality, opens our tongues, opens up the horizons of thought. Following Jan Himilsbach, they introduce a fairy-tale element to reality. A balance for reality in the words of Linn Ullmann "The thing is to be three drinks before drunkenness and two drinks after reality." Mysticism is also surrounded by the very creation of alcohol. Not knowing what the evaporation process was, our ancestors considered the missing part of the alcoholic drink a tribute to the angels (Angel's share). It was in return for the possibility of creating aqua vitae or water of life.

Sommeliers Choice Awards 2024 Winners

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