Sommeliers Choice Awards 2024 Winners

Acqua di Fonte S.r.l.

  • Category: Non Alcoholic Drinks Supplier

  • Country: Italy

  • Date:26/06/2021

ACQUA DI FONTE is a company, dedicated to the production and marketing of Mineral Water. Give your body what it needs. Spring Water, Naturally Balanced Mineral Water with PH 7.2.

Born from the Alps, Veneto Alps scrolled between the natural rocks, which are enriched by precious minerals, which make a Balanced Water. The main feature, ACQUA DI FONTE is given by the perfect balance of Minerals, with a PH 7.2, a low sodium content and a residue equal to 386 mg / l, that make a very light water, which is fundamental for a perfect integration of mineral salts which requires the body, including the magnesium, essential for the general well-being and promote good digestion, as stated by major University. This characteristic position “ACQUA DI FONTE” ranks among the first positions of Oligomineral Waters.

Acqua di Fonte is bottled only in glass bottles to preserve its unique taste and the essence of its minerals. Both Natural and Sparkling, Acqua di Fonte waters are available in bottles from 75 cl. to 100 cl.

Sommeliers Choice Awards 2024 Winners

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