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Company From: Holland Looking for: Rum from:



Looking for craft rums - with an unique profile and story. Interested in gold, dark and spiced rum (natural / no artificial flavoring) and preference for producers that have sustainable practices in mind.

Postal address

Address: Kamille-Erf, Pijnacker, Nederland
City: Pijnacker-Nootdorp
State: NL
ZIP code:
Country: ZH


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We are looking to expand our portfolio of products and offer motivated suppliers an entry into the US market using non-traditional business models. Our company operates predominantly in the South Eastern part of the US and is looking for more traditional labels specifically for the on-premise market. Origin country is not the overriding factor, motivation of the producer and quality of the product is We prefer producers whose portfolio includes sparkling wines, sweet wines as well as different packaging formats and sizes

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Seeking bulk wines in tote, iso tank, keg or barrels for USA. Also seeking bottled or branded wine under $9.00-usd per bottle(750ml) or under $120-usd 9-liter case.

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