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Company From: China Looking for: Cider from:



Now we are looking for sparkling fruit wines(apple,cider,lemon,strawberry etc),12%aol,40g/L residual suger,strong taste,deep color,750ml fashion or frosted bottle,3 or 4 flavors in 1X20' around 12000bts.

Postal address

Address: No.4 QiaoZhongNan Road,LiWan District,Guangzhou
City: Guangzhou
State: Guangdong
ZIP code: 510163


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Gin Piùcinque is born from 10 Italian distilled Botanicals. Beside the juniper, sage and Bergamot stand out. Botanicals chosen among the characteristic essences of the London Dry and also present in Italy. Crystal-clear in its looks, it surprises with its strong olfactory impact and for its embracing dry taste.

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Buyer Country: United States Looking for: Wine From:

Winery looking for 30 to 50 gallons each of Bulk Moscato, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, symphony, and Pinot Grigio. Shipped in bond o Houston TX.

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