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Company From: Holland Looking for: Vodka from:



Lacerta Trading BV based in Limburg is looking for a distillery that can provide us with the liquid and bottling facility for our own brand of vodka. Please contact with details.

Postal address

Address: Gelissendomein, Maastricht, Netherlands
City: Randwyck
State: Limburg
ZIP code:
Country: Maastricht


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Big City Distributors is a spirits importer in New Jersey Looking for good rums to import into the USA and Caribbeans. Please contact with details.

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Liquor Mill Pty Ltd is an alcohol beverage importer in Victoria. We are looking for vodka brands from the mentioned countries. Please contact with details.

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Oscars Grand Cellar is a Retailer based in Ajman looking for Brandy, Cognac, Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Liqueurs and Whisky producers, distributors and exporters. We are importer and Retailer of Spirits, Wines and Beer. Please contact with details.

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