Social Media?

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Ignite your brand in front of trade and consumer with BTN 360

Social Media Services + Consulting for Beverage Brands, Wineries, Breweries, Beer Brands, Liquor Brands


 $500 Per month. Month to month - no contracts. 

Whats Included?

-Brand/company communication on Twitter

-1000 followers in 4 months 


In wine,liquor and beer business, Social Media is still new. Most of the business is done in traditional way where, sellers cold call and attend trade shows and generate leads and then offer presentations and samples. That's is only the first phase, then comes the promotion phase to help get a repeat order. 

Big brands and companies have started doing what we call B2B / B2C Marketing using Social Media. That is exactly what BTN will do for you. We will engage with your end consumer which eventually drives demand and creates that 'pull' effect. Many B2B buyers are also on the same content pages, which will generate leads. Our adverts and postings are focused more on B2B buyers like importers and distributors, keeping in mind that an end consumer may also see the page.



Source of the above image: - They have great tips on b2b social media, feel free to visit their website and learn more.