Mont Reaga-MR Esencia Syrah


From Spain

Alc. Vol %:14.00


Price per unit US$15.00

Price per unit €:On request

Post Date23/03/2021


Colour: Dark garnet with reddish tones.

Nose: Intense, elegant and deep, with a fresh character, where we can find hints of liquorice, fresh meat, black tea and black plum.

Palate: This is a round, unctuous, long and full-bodied wine, with a long and refreshing finish, where we can clearly find scents of black fruits and coffee in the finish.

Pairing: Serving temperature around 17-18º C. Modern and expressive wine, rich in sensations, which will perfectly pair with haute cuisine and elaborated meat dishes.


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About this company

In 2004 MONTREAGA, S.L.U was born as a family project according to the natural environment and high quality growing standards. The Gismero-Fernández family led by Rafael Gismero (Owner), Carmen Fernández (General Manager) and Francisco Gismero (Export Manager) have decided to run their own business project located in “Castile-La Mancha, Spain”, region well-known by the most extensive vineyards in Europe and its historical agricultural activities, mostly based, on great grape growers and wineries that transform the wines into an authentic culture and a unique word wine experience. Situated in a beautiful estate in Cuenca province, Spain, between Mota Del Cuervo and Belmonte villages; grown and carefully treated in MontReaga’s vineyard, our grape selection adapts in perfect harmony with the lands and the weather conditions of La Mancha’s region. A Mediterranean climate during the grow season composed by warm to hot, dry summers and mild to cool, wet winters, along with a small river surrounding the vineyard, make from our location a perfect place where to integrate a pure natural environment with a fist class growing practices and high quality techniques; yielding as a result a great ability to bring you all the traditional Spanish taste in every bottle produced. MONTREAGA wines is more than time for research and grape growing, that is why, since the very beginning, MontReaga's philosophy has focused on deliver with personality and innovation elegant and refined wines to wine lovers, pretending at the same time, to meet the highest needs and expectations coming from our customers and demanding markets . Dedication and effort have been necessary every day. In a few years our wines had taken the lead in the region helped by developing good balance between refining, essence and price. Nowadays, our wines are produced, distributed and marketed, in both domestic and international scales under the control of the Regulatory Council of Appellation of Origin “La Mancha”.

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