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Vinho Tinto Regional - IGP Tejo 2021
Região / Region: Tejo Área de vinha/Vineyard área: 25 ha Castas/Grape varieties: Castelão, Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz Solo / Soil: Aluvião/silt

Conceito: Perfil aromático, fresco e consensual, pretende mostrar a versatilidade das castas tipicamente portuguesas e o seu potencial gastronómico. Aromatic, fresh and consensual profile, it intends to show the versatility of typical Portuguese grape varieties and their gastronomic potential.

Vinificação / Vinification: Fermentação em cubas de inox com controlo de temperatura. Fermentation in stainless steel vats, with temperature contol.

Prova organoléptica / Organoleptic proof: Cor violáceo escuro e nariz intenso. Na boca apresenta uma boa concentração de fruta e elegância. Final estruturado e persistente. Dark violet color and intense nose. In the mouth it presents a good concentration of fruit and elegance. Structured and persistent finish.

Harmonização / Food paring: Ideal para acompanhar carnes brancas, aves, salsicharia e queijos de pasta mole. Ideal to accompany white meats, poultry, sausages and soft cheeses.


Análise Sumária / Analysis Álcool: 13.0 % Vol
Acidez Volátil: 0,68 g/L SO2 Livre: 35 mg/L

Acidez Total: 5.8 g/L pH: 3,64
SO2 Total: 98 mg/L

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About this company

Since 1841, located in the picturesque village of Porto de Muge, along the banks of the Tagus River, our Casal do Conde winery has served as a beacon of tradition and history in Ribatejo wine production. In addition to our commitment to creating exclusive wines, we aim to contribute to a vibrant commercial and agricultural landscape in the Tagus region.   Nestled in the bucolic landscapes of the Tagus Valley, our vineyards extend over 200 hectares, displaying more than 20 grape varieties, carefully selected for their ability to express the unique terroir of our region. Recognized as lands of excellence for viticulture, our wines are a testament to the harmonious balance between quantity and quality, perpetuating Ribatejo's rich winemaking legacy   Our journey is a testament to the enduring spirit of perseverance and passion in the pursuit of sublimity in wine production. The strategic acquisition of prestigious properties throughout the region resulted in a meticulous process that led us to acquire renowned estates such as Quintas d'Arrancosa, Quinta da Faia, Quinta da Terra Grande, Quinta da Fonte Bela and the renowned Correchana vineyards.   This deliberate expansion not only strengthens our production capacity, but also fosters a firm dedication to creating wines of unparalleled quality, with significant awards recognised in national and international competitions.   In 2016, a significant milestone marked the evolution of our legacy, when Sociedade Agrícola Casal do Conde SA, joined forces with the prestigious GRUPO A. FAIA. With this new commercial partnership, a renewed focus on investment and research has emerged, with the aim of raising our production standards, modernising winemaking techniques, refining management practices, improving marketing strategies and expanding our presence in international trade.   Embracing this natural evolution, we now look to the horizon with a clear vision of expanding our brand into new and exciting markets, whilst remaining steadfast in our mandate to preserve the essence of Portuguese wine heritage.   Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the borders of our vineyards, implementing sustainability practices, thus ensuring that future generations can continue to enjoy the varieties of our Wine and the rustic beauty of the Tagus Valley.   We actively participate in initiatives that support the local community, promoting economic growth and cultural enrichment through our Wine Tourism experiences, offering guided tours of our vineyards and cellars, immersive tastings of our wines, and peaceful boat excursions along the River Tagus, visiting charming and quaint riverside villages.   In each bottle of Casal do Conde, we offer an experience that promises to leave an indelible mark on the hearts and palates of our customers.

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Citrine colour, slightly lemonade fruity flavour, com-bined with notes of citrus. Balanced in the palate with good comple-xity, long finish and acidulous.

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