Ribola Gialla


From Italy

Alc. Vol %:12.50


Price per unit US$7.80

Price per unit €:On request

Post Date24/08/2018


Ribola Gialla is one of the Friuli native wines. It can be made spumante with excellent result, but Valchiarò produces it in its classical version.

Dry white wine yellow in color with an appealing golden hue.

The bouquet has floral notes reminiscent of acacia, chestnut, and oak flowers. Soft taste of acidulous whip, but caressing in the aftertaste

Nicely matched with various dishes from seafood to mushrooms.

Serve at 10-12°C(50-55°F)



Grapes Specifications

Grape: 100% Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso

Vineyards Location: Ronchis

Vineyards area: Ha 0,80

Vineyards/Hectar: 3700

Yield/Hectar: 3900 kg

Yiel/Vineyard: 1,30kg

Growing Method: Guyot

Vintage  time : Beginning of October

Vintage Method: Manually in wooden chests


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About this company

Valchiaro grave; winery was settled in 1991 thanks to five friends who had in common a real love for the viticulture and good wine. Beside the hard work in the field and the passion and dedication for their grapes, there are three main technical things that make their wine excellent: the Guyot vine training, the Simonit-Sirch pruning method and the advice of one of the best Italian oenologists: Gianni Menotti. The winery harvests around twelve hectares of vineyards divided in two areas: Togliano and Torreano six kilometres far one from the other and with completely different subsoils. The area of Torreano presents an alluvial soil due to the fact that the valley is crossed by the Chiarò’s creek (the company takes its name after it), this kind of soil gives a very good wine with a pleasant minerality perception. This area is excellent for Pinot Grigio, Nexus, Friulano and Verduzzo Passito. On the other hand,the area of Togliano is characterised by a subsoil mixted with soil and clay. Here the best results are given by wines like the Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso, Merlot and Sauvignon. In order to improve the quality of red wines at the end of July until midst of August the bunch thinning is applied, this technique allows the grape to improve its sugar content hence its wine aromas and colours

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