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Alc. Vol %:13.00


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Post Date26/04/2018


Qualification: Terre Siciliane IGT;

Grapes: Nero d'Avola;

Wine-producing area: Palermo, Belice River Hills;

Soils: Calcareous clay;

Color:brilliant ruby red;

Scent: intense scent of red fruit, cherry, plum and red roses;

Taste: balanced and persistent;

Ageing: in tank;

To consume within:  60 months;

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About this company

Di Bella is a family run company whose ancestors have been for generations involved in the wine and wine-related business. Our wines come from vineyards located either in South-East (Siracusa) or from North-West of Sicily (Palermo) where it is also the facility for bottling our wines, not for nothing very different terroir. The first one is in a very famous countryside: Contrada Buonivini, which literally means Good Wines land, with at least 2,500 years of wine-making history. A peculiar feature of this vineyard is the very high vines density that comes to more than 7,800 plants per hectare, almost three times more than the usual vineyards. The high density of vines is, in fact, one of the conditions for producing the highest quality of wines. As for the second vineyard, together with bottling facility, it is located on a hilly place at around 450 m on the sea level. Both vineyards are far from cities and, of course, from pollution of any kind. Soils are mostly composed of clay and limestone, rich in texture, with a good presence of organic matter and mineral elements. The company today has on its catalog various wines with different labels, produced both with so-called international and native grapes, for different targets and wine drinking occasions. All our wines are marked by Freshness, Elegance and Perfumes. Furthermore, all of our wines have got various International awards.

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