Goalong Five-Year Blended Malt Whisky


From China

Alc. Vol %:40.00


Price per unit US$18.00

Price per unit €:On request

Post Date27/07/2019


Goalong Five-Year Blended Malt Whisky

Bottle volume: 700ML
Place of Origin: UK invested factory in China
Packing: Bottle, gift box, 6 bottles/box
Bottle: Handmade refined white bottle 
Certificates: ISO; FDA; HACCP

Service: Free sample; Free design; OEM; ODM 


Alcohol Content (%): 40
Flavor: Sweet malt fragrance and oak aroma

Color: Bright Amber

Taste: Pure malt aroma, sweet entrance, full bodied finish

Product Category: Blended Malt Whisky


Brave people always dare to try new things. Years of our pioneering work finally witness the growth of Chinese spirits, especially Chinese whisky. Choicest barley, malt, corn and other grains are distilled, aged and blended to make a balanced taste and complex finish.

Craftsmanship, artistry, prestige, Introducing the 1st Real Chinese Blended Malt Whisky from the Goalong whisky Series, Goalong 5-year Blended Malt Whisky is a quality whisky of Goalong Liquor. With unique blending recipe containing oriental charms, it has been warmly received since the very launch in the year of 2011.



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About this company

Hunan Goalong liquor Co., Ltd. is a liquor manufacturer in China invested by UK Goalong group mainly producing and exporting whisky, France brandy, vodka, gin and other liquors. Located in Changsha Langli industrial zone, Changsha Bingo Liquor Co., Ltd. was built 6 years later, with mordernized equipments and high-level management system, mainly focusing on private label services for customers from in and abroad; In the year of 2018, Liu Yang Goalong Liquor Brewing Co., Ltd. is established as the First Large Single Malt Whisky Brewing Base in China. The current winery is located in Hunan Miluo Granite Mountain which is very suitable for bottling liquor due to the high water quality there; Good quality water in the manufacturer with Lower electrolytic rate index, water source is the indispensable condition for brewing high-quality liquor, it can make the wine more pure and clean. Because the water does not contain other dissolved salts, this liquor will be more soft and mellow; it won't damage the body when enjoying the liquor. Goalong is our own brand, OEM & ODM are available. Currently, the company has formed a domestic market and exportation as its core business mode. We have passed FDA & ISO & QS & HACCP certificates and exported our products to many foreign countries and gained good reputation, such as Russia, America, Germany, The Philippines, Panama, Mexico, Surinam, Australia, Newzealand and so on. All of our products can be printed with UK Bar Code or French Bar Code, with high-end quality raw materials and package. Quality is the soul and customer always comes first, we mainly based on long-term business and friendly as win-win relationship with clients. We have rich experience of exhibitions and have won many good reputations globally. We now have four brands, “Goalong" whisky, "Bosolac" brandy, "Ambiguous" vodka and "MonaFrcc" gin. Founded by Mr. Gao Lang in London, Goalong brand stands for "go forward" and its logo symbolizes Goalong culture, be faithful and brave to have dreams, fight for dreams and Goalong for dreams! For more information, pls contact us! Joanna Export Department UK & CHINA GOALONG LIQUOR London, UK & Hunan, China Skype: joanna_2446 Mobile: +86 18942571458 Http://www.goalongliquor.com

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