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At the core of this extraordinary creation lies the pristine water sourced from the Kunyu Mountain (Kun'ao Mountain). Renowned for its captivating sea-bound mountains and serene purity, this location forms the essence of our whisky's foundation.

Adhering to our commitment to natural purity, Eastern Folklore embraces the "Three Zero Plus" principle—no added sugar, flavors, or caramel color.

Central to our craft is the triple pot still, an innovative refinement on the traditional double still method. This pioneering technique drastically reduces fusel oil content while preserving the delicate essence of malt aromas. The result? A whisky that embodies impeccable structure, purity, freshness, and velvety smoothness.

Our dedication to meticulous craftsmanship continues in the production process. Employing an all-copper pot still, our whisky undergoes a prolonged fermentation period of a minimum of 128 hours—a stark contrast to the standard 48-hour duration. This extended fermentation enriches the complexity and depth of our whisky's character, setting it apart in terms of flavor profile and richness.

The aging journey takes place within our "Diaobao Oak Barrels," a fusion of Northern Chinese and Mongolian barrel styles crafted from Quercus mongolica oak wood.

The Eastern Folklore Phoenix Edition embodies a blend of malt, barley, and corn, revealing delightful notes of smokiness, sweetness, and oak—a perfect companion for a refreshing highball. Tasting notes: Smooth and fruity with hints of vanilla.

The Eastern Folklore Dragon Edition is aged in barrels previously embracing apple brandy and Dianhao black tea leaves, offering a sensorial experience with delightful fruity and tea-inspired notes.


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Crimson Spirits Company Limited, a leading and innovative distiller of spirits in China. Our flagship product, the Crimson Pangolin gin, is crafted in the mountains of Hunan using Asian ingredients and boasts a unique blend of exotic flavors such as fruits, tea, and spices. It has received multiple international awards and has become our best seller. All our ingredients are 100% from Asia and distilled in copper stills by our Master distiller Mark Lloyd. Our vision Selecting Asian botanicals and introducing them to your glass. Values 100% Asian Ingredients. 100% Experimental. 100% Unique

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