Mezcal Ajal


From Mexico

Alc. Vol %:45.00


Price per unit US$14.24

Price per unit €:On request

Post Date19/10/2021


Ajal is a young cenizo mezcal with the following characteristics:

• Color: Transparent and bright.

• Nose: Rich smoked agave and some fruit aromas.

• Palate: Delightful notes of smoked agave, with some lime and orange flavor

• Finish: Strong, but nice sensation.

• Alc. Vol.: 45%

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About this company

We are a mexican company managed by women who joined their experiences and knowledges about mezcal to perform a facility that complies with the artisal standards and international needings. We are concern about the environment, thats why we create a sustainable company that is energy free. We are worried about the earth, so for every bottle produced we plant 3 agaves. We have our own greenhouse. We already have exportation experience in the Asian market. You can find our brand in the networks as Ajal.

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