Blumond - Blue Bubbly


From Italy

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Post Date08/06/2020


Tired of conventional red, white and rosè? Taste something completely different everyone is talking about! Blumond  is a velvety, seductive and tasty Sweet Bubbly that is deliciously fruity and presented in an exclusive, iconic and well recognizable bottle. Enjoy the subtle fruity peach flavor, nothing is more celebratory. Because who doesn't want to stand out from the crowd?






Blumond is the new essential for unforgettable‐to‐be occasion, for this reason it’s a narrative drink: maybe you can’t remember all the times you have tried a glass of wine, but probably you will be able to remind all the situation you have tasted Blumond, because Blumond is the something blue drink you met once and you’ll never forget! From weddings to exclusive private parties, Blumond is devoted to celebrations and life’s special moments with elegance, extraversion and glamour.

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“In the heart of Tuscany, there is a small family company able to combine innovation with tradition...” It might seem the same old (beautiful) story about wine producers strolling round a vineyard talking about their craft. But it’s not. Or better, it’s not only about this. Fratelli Saraceni is the personal project of 2 brothers who have transformed with an extraordinary ambition a prestigious but little-known family Winery into a leading brand on the Italian and global wine scene, a favorite of cosmopolitans and wine lovers throughout the World. It’s the story of a family who wants to share what they love, started making only a limited production for consumption each year. Our world is a unique combination made by the finest wines, fashionable bottles, food tradition with a contemporary twist, a lot of sun and a never-ending passion. The visionary and innovative spirit has always defined the brand, in every arena, from the restaurant business, hospitality and viniculture to new ways of celebrating.

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