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  • We use only lemon leaves of Procida. A plant unique in the world thanks to the properties of the land and the particular microclimate of the island.



  • We use fresh freshly harvested leaves to fully capture all the essential oils of the leaf



  • 100% natural product without addition of any type of food additive



  • The dark bottle serves to preserve the natural color of the product

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ANTICA DISTILLERIA RUSSO is a manufacturer of liqueurs, spirits and syrups operating in Campania. The company, since 1936, has been producing quality artisan products that are configured by the great attention in the search for raw materials linked to the territory, as well as natural, controlled and without the use of substances that can modify the properties and characteristics, together with processes more innovative production oriented to the best enhancement of the finished product. The company presents itself as a solid and reliable company which is constantly looking for solutions and products able to meet the latest market demands, always focusing to the new needs of the final consumer.

The plant has an area of ​​about 5,000 square meters, with a liquor department with three automatic bottling lines (for a daily production capacity of 10,000 bottles) and a modern distillery with a continuous and discontinuous method.

The activities of the Antica Distilleria Russo are organized in three business units involving the beverage sector, identified by the brands Monocore, Russo and Majo. The high production potential and the innovative know-how acquired make it possible to propose itself as a partner in the production of P.L. In addition to the Italian market, we supply our liqueurs and grappas in Canada, Switzerland, Spain, Japan, America, Luxembourg, Greece, China, England, South America, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

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