UpEnd Sweet Tea Gin


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Post Date22/08/2022


UpEnd Sweet Tea Gin is distilled and blended to create a spirit that can bridge the gap between those who typically shy away from gin and the gin enthusiast.  Our aim is to upend the perception of gin as a singular flavor profile and highlight the broad range of styles and botanicals in gin recipes. To build on our vision, we began developing a citrus forward gin.  We balanced that out with a mix of different teas.  As the spirit developed, it became increasingly reminiscent of a homemade sweet tea and UpEnd Sweet Tea Gin was born.

The taste profile is herbal forward with hints of citrus. It is perfect for refreshing a classic cocktail like a Tom Collins or you can just add lemonade.

Key Highlights

  • 90 Proof / 45% ABV
  • Small Batch, Gin Infused with Sweet Tea
  • Blended & Bottled in New York
  • Ideal for Refreshing a Classic Cocktail
  • Silver - Bartender Spirits Awards 2021
  • Silver – USA Spirits Ratings 2021

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About this company

UpEnd Distilling, founded in 2018 by two friends who share an appreciation for craft spirits, honors the long tradition of gin but with a modern twist. The name UpEnd is a reflection of the backgrounds and vision of the founders. Chris, from UPstate New York, and Matt, from the East END of Long Island, have used their different backgrounds, experiences, and taste preferences to redefine gin with unique and distinct recipes. The team respects the history of gin and takes pride in being a part of it. In fact, UpEnd’s gin is distilled utilizing methods that date back to the 1800’s. Still, Matt & Chris believe there is an opportunity to broaden the audience for gin by focusing on fewer ingredients that are more identifiable and relatable. Their mission is to upend the perception of gin as a singular flavor profile and highlight the broad range of styles and botanicals in gin recipes. While UpEnd launches with a gin for the juniper lover, the team believes its full range will have a taste profile that fits almost everybody. The team is honored to have won a Silver Medal at the 2020 Bartender Spirits Awards, a Silver at the 2020 USA Spirits Ratings, and a Double Gold at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Design Competition; A statement to the quality, both inside and out. Experimentation is everything; so sip it, mix it, but most of all enjoy it. The team says, it’s not where you start, it’s where you EndUp.

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