Peregrine Immature Brandy


From United States

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Post Date02/07/2018


Peregrine Brandy is a unique California mixed grape brandy.

The use of mixed grapes gives this brandy a lovely depth.
Peregrine brandy is double distilled. The first distillation is an alembic distillation followed by a column distillation where we distill at high proof for a clean yet aromatic distillate. The distillate is specifically distilled for being enjoyed un-aged. The distillate is unfiltered and is brought to bottling strength using Sierra Nevada mountain purified water. Each batch is produced at less than 300 bottles per batch and is hand bottled, labeled,
and stamped with the batch number. 

The aroma is floral with notes of banana, vanilla, and melon.
The mouth feel is clean with a smooth finish that lingers on with vanilla, and tropical citrus. It is a perfect mixing medium. Lending itself well to brandy, vodka, or rum base cocktails.

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Falcon Spirits Distillery is a California small batch producer of award winning spirits established in 2012. We use the abundance of high quality farm products produced in our state to produce Amaro Aplomado, Aperitivo Aplomado, Fernet Francisco (Manzanilla, Ruibarbo, and Whiskey Cask aged), Botanica Spiritvs Gin, Botanica Brandy based Gin aged in new French oak barrels and blended Solera style, and Peregrine Brandy, in addition we are reintroducing our seasonal liqueur line made from Raspberry, Kumquat,... We pay a great deal of attention to every aspect of our production from sourcing to bottling. Our production runs are between 200 to 1500 bottles per batch. All hand made and hand labeled with batch numbers for traceability. We are currently expanding the lines in all the above categories as well as increasing categories to include Whiskey and Rum.

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