How To Find Wine Distributors?

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On this page we write how wineries and importers can find wine distributors.


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Wine Distribution companies are bombarded almost daily by wineries hoping to secure a distribution channel.The fact is distributors don’t care much about the brand or winery, their focus is to move that brand and make profit on that movement. The faster the movement, the more money distributors make.

It is very important to understand your customer and what will make them buy your wine. It helps to focus on programs and promotions which assist the distributor in selling wine to retailers more than focusing on information about your winery, who makes the wine, how old the winery is, etc. The latter creates a marketing package for the wine but ultimately it is the programs and promotions that will help sell the wine.

Our Complete Guide On How To Find Wine Distributor will help you grow your wine distribution. You can also view our special Brands Seeking Wine Distribution Plans here.