Wine Importers in Greece

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On this page you will find a list of wine importers in Greece.

1.Cava Halary

Cava Halari is the oldest and, at the same time, the fastest growing company of its kind, in Greece. Their 4 retail stores – in Piraeus, Athens and Glyfada- stock any wine, spirit and beverage that is imported or produced in Greece.

In their stores, you can find a massive selection of more than 2000 wine labels, stored under the ideal conditions. Their cellars even host a large number of old vintages of famous Greek wines that are not in the market any more. They import exclusively wines from high-quality producers and premium spirits from all over the world. Some of the most rare and collectible malt whiskies add grace to the shelves of their stores. Numerous premium distillates and beers are carefully selected for any occasion.

A large variety of delicacies, such as caviar, bottarga and many traditional Greek products, can also accompany your wine or spirit. Their expertise and focus on quality have made them the top supplier in yacht and event catering in Greece.

Address: Akti Moutsopoulou 74, Yachting Marina Zea, PC 18536, Piraeus

Phone: + 30 210 41 84 817



2. Dinos Cava Kallithea

The DINO'S CAVA deals with wine, beer, drinks and refreshments decades. In their collection you will find over 500 rare wines of small producers, malt whiskies and generally drinks from around the world.

The DINO'S CAVA offers quality, consistency, knowledge, experience and what sets them apart in this area.

In 1997 the company expands with a new retail store in Kallithea on the road Charokopou 34 and Demosthenes particular claims because in their collection you will find over 500 rare wines of small producers, malt whiskies and generally drinks from around the world.

Address: CHAROKOPOU 34 Kalithea ATHENA 17671




3. Foivos Domaine

Inspired and in alliance with the exquisite light of Kefalonia, its microclimate and the riches of the Greek soil, the ambition of their people at Domaine Foivos is to produce great wines, able to withstand daily trial and enjoyment, in depth of time.

The outmost effort of their people to create quality wines, with the outmost adherence to environmental and consumer respect by applying the most environment-friendly vinery cultivation along with the mildest and purest treating of the must, avoiding any technological excesses; the inviolable “moral” concession that not all is permitted in the pursue of profit. So they chose the long and winding road of “virtue” over the broad and easy highway of “malice”* that usually includes unlawful mongrelizing of undisclosed origin wines, obscure commercial practices and compromising of principles, all in the name of easy and effortless money; the outmost adherence to immaculate and rare Greek grape varieties, embarking on an effort to introduce them to an international market always thirsty and ready to enthusiastically accept new varieties, new flavor richness and new savors; since, after being fed up and saturated with the established wine brands, now is seeking for new wines and new wine paths from rare, unknown Greek grape varieties; the concession that wine is something more than just alcohol from grapes; it is a product of both cultural and artistic work that humbly attempts to stand next to great compositions and compete against the color richness of great painters by adding the element of flavor and taste; the go-between timeless creation and magic initiation, fantasy and reality, metaphysical and actual, beauty and refined enjoyment.



4. Ktima Gerovassiliou

Domaine Gerovassiliou has been active in the area of wine and wine since 1981. On the slopes of Epanomi, a few kilometers outside Thessaloniki, the well-groomed vineyard surrounds the modern winery, where the famous wines of the Estate are produced. At the heart of the winery, the Gerovassiliou Wine Museum presents aspects of world wine history.

In Gerovassiliou Estate the cultivation of the vineyard is done with special care and continuous experiments in the study of Greek and international known and unknown varieties. The evolution of technology goes hand in hand with tradition throughout viniculture and winemaking. The goal is to produce quality wines - exclusively from the private vineyard - with the typical characteristics of the terroir of the area.

Address: Epanomi 57 500, Thessaloniki, Greece

Phone: +30 2392 044567



5. lyrarakis Winery Crete Greece

The Lyrarakis Estate is a family winery which has been producing high quality wines since 1966 with a strong focus on rare local varieties and producing single variety wines.

The family is credited with the revival of two ancient Cretan varieties, Dafni and Plyto while a third “vineyard treasure”, the indigenous Melissaki, is recently added to the credits.

Address: Alagni Heraklion, Greece

Phone: +30 281 028 9814



6. Sigalas Wine

In 1998, a new production, bottling and aging facility was constructed, located in a privately owned area. Since then, and after continuous investment in modernization and expansion of the facilities, the company has a processing and bottling production capacity of 300,000 bottles annually.

The wines are exported to Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Holland, England, Cyprus, Switzerland, Hong-Kong, Shanghai, Sweden, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, USA and Canada.

Today, DOMAINE SIGALAS continues to implement its growth plan, based on the three principles on which it was created: a creative relationship with the traditions of the island of Santorini, technical savvy and quality.

Address: Baxes, Oia Santorini PC 84702

Phone: +30 22860 71644



7. Skouras Winery

It is equipped with the latest in wine-making technology. Today Domaine Skouras is at the forefront of Greek estates, full of momentum and with a sharp focus on its future. Demand for its terroir-driven and estate-bottled wines is consistent both at home and around the world. For what makes these wines so popular is the fact that Skouras does not compromise quality or craftsmanship. In fact, there is always something better, something more, with each and every vintage, for each and every product.

Address: 10Km Argous-Sternas Malandrénion, Argolis, Greece

Phone: +30 2751 023688



8. Domaine Vassiliou and Nemeion Estate

Welcome to the Domaine Vassiliou & Nemeion Estate internet site. George Vassiliou is the 3rd generation winemaker and oenologist based in Greece producing wines from indigenous Greek varieties. It is in his two wineries, Domaine Vassiliou in Koropi, Attica and Nemeion Estate in Nemea, Peloponnese that the family’s efforts started in the year 1905 for the production of high quality wines that are now exported around the world.

Vassiliou Domaine is the first open to the public winery established in the area of Koropi, Attiki.

Address: Domaine Vassiliou, 1st km Koropi - Markopoulo Ave., 19400 Koropi Attica - Greece

Phone: +30 210 6626870



9. Dourakis Winery

In the last 28 years the winery has created a trusted reputation for developing quality wines and is proud to have a solid, increasingly growing, distribution network across Crete. The concentration on quality and care during the vinification process and the love of traditional Cretan grape varieties, as well as international grape varieties, in wine production has resulted in popularity and sales both at home and abroad.

The company activities are not restricted to the domestic market, with recent expansions in export to Europe and America. Dourakis Winery aims to expand its sales network in the forthcoming years both nationally and internationally.

They are synonymous with consistent concern for high quality wines and their exemplary marketing system and customer service.

Address: Winery Dourakis Andreas 73007, Alikampos Chania

Phone: +30 28250 51761



10. Gentilini Winery & Vineyards

Over the last few years they have seen that the future of Greek wines lies in the amazing array of indigenous varieties and the stunningly different wines that they can produce, either on their own or in a blend.

In order to stay on the forefront of Greek wine production, and to avoid stagnation they constantly experiment with new wines and wine-making methods. Often these wines turn out superb, and these become their special reserve wines that they sell only to very select shops and restaurants or directly at the winery.

Address: Minies, 28100 Kefalonia, Greece

Phone: +30 26710 41618



11. Greece and Grapes

Greece and Grapes is an electronic wine cellar with passion for the Greek vineyard and its products.

Greece and Grapes was created by a group of people with love for Greek Wine and its producers who have made massive progress in winemaking in recent years. They believe that Greek wine and spirits are now able to star in the International Wine Community and leave their own stigma as top products. Despite the country's small land lots, excellent producers have made the most of local and international grape varieties, ideal climatic conditions and modern vinification methods to create excellent products. So today, Asyrtiko from Santorini, Agiorgitiko from Nemea, Xinomavro from Naoussa, Moschofilero from Mantineia and varieties from many other regions have been recognized in the international winery. They hope that with this effort they will create communities that will love Greek wine both in Greece and abroad.

Address: 20 Lykourgou, Kallithea, Athens, 17676

Phone: +30 213 025 2215



12. Athenee Importers and Distributors

Athenee Importers is the largest importer and distributor of fine wine, spirits and beer from Greece and Cyprus in the United States. Athenee Importers, established in 1975, is the largest importer and distributor of fine wine, spirits and beer from Greece and Cyprus in the United States. They believe that the future of Greek wines lie in the hands of the small producers.

Address: Athenee Importers & Distributors PO Box 2039 Hempstead, NY 11551

Phone: (516) 505-4800



13.Diamond Wine Importers

Diamond Wine Importers was created by Ted Diamantis in 1992. The goal of Diamond Wine Importers is to educate and enlighten the American market about the unique varieties and appellations of Greece. Simply put, they at Diamond Importers are dedicated to bringing to the US market the best regional, vineyard-driven producers from Greece.

Phone: +1 773-549-6211



14. Dionysos Imports

Dionysos Imports Inc. was established in 1991 by its founder and president Ioannis G. Tsapos (Yannis).
Initially the organization imported and distributed wines and beers from Greece and Cyprus. In 1992 it expanded its operations to include wines from Italy as well as wines from the States of Virginia and California.

As of now, the organization imports and distributes some highly rated and regarded wines from France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Lebanon, Chile, Argentina, Armenia, Ukraine, Georgia, Brazil, Turkey, Israel along with local California, Oregon, New York and Indiana states. 

Dionysos also imports and distributes beers from Greece, Germany, Turkey, Honduras, Lithuania and Portugal. Recently it expanded its operations to include bottled water as well. Dionysos Imports and its affiliated companies distribute in the States of Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C.

Address: 11581 Robertson Dr Manassas, VA 20109

Phone: (703) 392-7073



15. Esteson Corp

Esteson Corp. group of companies, on your side for over 60 years! Esteson Co, Gyros Products Co. Importer/distributor of Greek, Mediterranean and other foods from around the world. Specialty Foodservice with integrity and quality for 60 years!

Address: Esteson Corporation P.O Box 53746 San Jose, 95153-0746

Phone: 800-682-4705



16. Janavaras Wines

Janavaras Enterprises is an importer of premium Greek wines. Their wines are from family-owned and operated wineries with superior standards who produce excellent quality wines. Browse their site to learn more about their brands and where to purchase their wines. Browse their wine selection by clicking on a logo below or by using the navigation to the left.

JE imports its wines from Lafkiotis Winery located in the Nemea region of Greece, Tetramythos Winery a certified organic winery located in the mountains near Kalavryta in the Achaia region of southern Greece (northwestern Peloponnese), and Gavalas Winery located on Santorini, a Greek island in the Aegean Sea. These wines are distributed by Vinocopia in Minnesota and can be found in selected restaurants and liquor stores statewide. JE strives to add the most value to its wines by importing from wineries that pay detailed attention to quality, consistency, are ethical and environmentally-friendly.

Address: Mankato, Minnesota 56001 USA

Phone: 507-345-5824



17. Distinctive Imports

Distinctive Imports distributes fine wines, beers and liquors. Their motto is to strive to give their customers excellent service and products at affordable prices. 

Distinctive Imports Inc. is a local Illinois importer and distributor of fine wines and liquors. Distinctive Imports passionately represents wines from central Greece, Peloponnese, northern Greece and the Aegean islands. They at Distinctive Imports inc would like to thank their customers for the support they have given them all these years and they pledge to continue their efforts in bringing you the high quality products you have enjoyed over the years.

In the future, their plans include the importation and distribution of more quality wines from family wineries in Greece as well as importing and distributing on wines from Chile, Argentina, Italy, Portugal and France.

Address: 941 Estes Court, Schaumburg, IL 60193

Phone: (224)-653-9970