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Story Telling: How To Successfully Market Your Brand's Story Using Multiple Platforms

Neglecting to integrate your online platforms into your overall marketing strategy can lead to disconnected online marketing campaigns and limit your chance at connecting with potential new customers.

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Neglecting to integrate your online platforms into your overall marketing strategy can lead to disconnected online marketing campaigns and limit your chance at connecting with potential new customers. Implement individual strategies for your different online pages and tie them into an overall action plan that affords you the ability to easily navigate between sales pitches based on prospective buyer profiles. 

BTN looks at how telling different stories on different platforms should be considered when developing your Online Marketing Campaign.


Social Media – Elect marketing campaigns that compliment the strengths of each platform.

1. Facebook – Use Facebook for fun and engaging story telling.

Facebook's user friendly platform and 500+ Million users make it impossible to ignore. The platform is best used for establishing a strong communication network with new and long-standing clients. Develop a well administered Facebook Fan Page and direct your customers there to promote a strong sense of community with your brand.

An effective way to develop a dedicated Fan base is to create an illustrative story line covering your brand's philosophy. Concentrate on aspects of your company that make your brand unique and let the story unfold throughout numerous postings. Analyze your fan's participation and build on your brand's story by using mini marketing campaigns utilizing promotions and contests that make use of your most popular posts. Highlighting aspects of your company that customers can relate to will ensure your fans share and comment on your updates.


Facebook marketing for wineries

Vodka Brand - AnestasiA Vodka – uses their unique bottle and a clever caption to generate interest in their brand's Facebook page.

Having an active and engaging Facebook page will give you the flexibility to direct new contacts, that you suspect might not be ready to commit to buying into your brand, to a well engineered page dedicated to recruiting loyal fans over time. Giving your prospective future clients the chance to see an enthusiastic group of fans commenting on your posts might provide the extra incentive needed to convert your next customer. You can also use your Fan Page 1as a forum for your die-hard fans. Encourage return customers to learn your story and be a part of your community.

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2. Twitter – Use Twitter to tell an informative story

Twitter's unique and fast paced platform is one of business's favourite social media outlets. Grab the attention of new users with and update your followers on current company news with succinct and entertaining posts. The sheer amount of traffic can be overwhelming, but don't let that stop you from developing a solid marketing plan. Use twitter to pass on information to your followers and include links to goad them into visiting your other sites.

Creating your brand's story in Twitter is sort of like creating a blurb for the back cover of a novel – use the high points of your company and keep your posts simple. As your following engages with you, use popular theme's that your brand represents and create hashtag's to keep your followers replying and re-tweeting. Keeping a theme based twitter feed will create a devoted following.

Twitter for Liquor Brands

AnestaisA uses the relationships between bottle, ice and vodka to generate engaging ideas for tweets.

Promote your twitter page to existing customers that like your product. As you engage with your established base you will increase your exposure to their followers and gradually convert users into customers.

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3. Linkedin – Use Linkedin to tell your Professional Story and expand your network.

Linkedin is the leading social media platform in the professional world. Creating a well completed personal profile is a great way to connect with potential partners and clients on a professional level. Having a Company Page that highlights your business achievements can lead to increased interest from your network.

Tell your professional story in regular updates and company page posts. Concentrate on what makes your company a solid competitor and keep your posts professional. Take the time to write detailed descriptions of your company and your brands. Join Groups and develop a schedule of posts highlighting your brands and company best attributes and that you are going to contribute to each. Interact with those members that show interest in you and your company and connect with new members by exhibiting your expertise.

Linkedin Marketing For Vodka Brands

Using reviews and awards, AnestasiA utilizes Linkedin's Company Page function to highlight their recent company highlights.

Use your Linkedin Profile like an online business card. Direct both your new online and offline professional contacts to your Linkedin Profile and Company page to generate a large network base for future partnerships.

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4.Youtube – Use Youtube for promoting your brands through video story telling

Youtube is a great SEO booster and an indispensable tool for showcasing your brands. Maintaining a Youtube channel full of stimulating videos can be a great way to make your mark on your customer base. Produce engaging and informative videos about your brand and post them to a customized Youtube channel.

Use product tastings, info videos, customer reviews and promotional videos to build your product's story. The strengths of your brands can lend good content for your videos. Make striking multimedia with your customers in mind and re-enforce your existing branding.

Youtube marketing for wineries, distilleries and breweries


AnestasiA uses their Youtube Channel to highlight recent events.

Direct your Social Media following and interested customers to your video postings to generate buzz around your channel. The more people you get enjoying your videos the faster your story will spread across your online platforms.


5.Instagram – Use Instagram to tell your brand's story using photos.

Instagram has become one of the leading social media platforms thanks to their focus on photo based content. Users follow the feeds that continually spark their interest so be sure to add exciting photos.
Instagram's layout is great for showing the artistic side of your marketing team. Post photos from your promotional events and tell the story of your evolving marketing campaigns to keep your followers up to date on your image.

Instagram for beverage companies

AnestasiA's Instagram feed shows the progression of their marketing campaign.

Use Instagram for new customer's that really show interest in the marketing side of your brand. Branding is an important aspect of your marketing campaign, so be sure to follow along with what your trade marketers and design team have worked hard on developing. By giving your visually geared fan base a place to visit your top designs you will generate genuine hype around in your branding.


6.Website - Embed your social media links in your web page, but don't rely on your social media pages to do what your web page should.

Generally, visitors are are on your website because they want to see the genuine product, get a feel for what it represents and buy what you are selling. Social Media pages are great tools to communicate with your customers, but they are limited by the set layout and styling of the platform. Use your website as your primary story teller and really highlight the message of your brand. Your website should act as your online marketing campaign's main hub where visitors can access all of what your business offers.

Direct all of your social media, online and offline contacts to your website and be sure they like what they see. With millions of competitors in the beverage market, the key to success of your online, international presence is the completeness of your website.

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6.Direct Marketing & Merchandising: Your Online Strategies should be used to accentuate your overall marketing strategy.

Understanding your customer's psyche and correctly marketing your product is of paramount importance. Be sure to have a solid understanding of your overall marketing campaign's goals before you integrate your online components into it.

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