Salvatore Calabrese - The Maestro On How To Taste Spirits

Celebrated bartender Salvatore Calabrese shares his philosophy behind tasting spirits. We had the pleasure to have Salvatore at London Spirits Competitions where Salvatore shared valuable insights on how to taste spirits.

As one of the world’s leading bartenders, Salvatore Calabrese is an award-winning global powerhouse – a consultant for select brands, a sought-after judge for worldwide competitions, and former President of the United Kingdom Bartenders’ Guild. His best-selling books and barware products exemplify the quality, talent and experience he brings to the industry.

Salvatore began developing his passion for combining flavours at an early age, during his time working in a bar in Maiori village on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. He moved to London and found himself at Duke’s Hotel, where he developed a niche market for rare and aged cognacs, beginning a concept he dubbed Liquid History.

Inspired by the great classic cocktails, Salvatore’s skills as a mixologist soon prompted the name by which he is affectionately known today – The Maestro. As befitting such a title, his experiments with new liqueurs, old and new spirits, and fresh juices have resulted in exotic cocktails that have become modern classics in their own right.

Known for his flair, style and presence, Salvatore is also responsible for the world’s most expensive cocktail, mixed at The Playboy Club in Mayfair and worth £5,500 per glass. Salvatore’s Legacy is also the world’s oldest cocktail, containing rare liqueurs with a combined age of 730 years. The legacy, like the man himself, is something a bit special.