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How Do You Feel About Judging A Wine By It\'s Packaging?

Operations & Management


In this Episode of "Insights from Judges", Nichole Simpson, Senior Wine Buyer at Walmart talks about the concept of judging a wine by its packaging.


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Latest Wine Trends In USA

Sue Straight, Wine Director at Oakville Grocery, talks about the latest wine trends in the USA.
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Operating As A Top Mixologist At The Donovan Bar At Brown's Hotel

In this video Sid Patel, CEO Beverage Trade Network, is in a conversation with Federico Pavan, Director of Mixology at The Donovan Bar at Brown's Hotel, where Federico explains what a mixologist should do while operating in a fine dining restaurant.
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MD of Wine Superhero Industry Consulting on Flexi v ISO quality and Why Ship In Bulk

Barry Dick\'s presentation showcases the results of his MW dissertation investigating the performance of the two principal methods of bulk shipping format available to producers – Flexi tanks or an ISO (International Standards Organization) tank. The study analyzed the performance of these two industry standard methods of transporting bulk wine.
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