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How To Position Your Winery For Success - Evan Stein

Bulk and Private Label


Once you’ve decided to enter the bulk market, it’s time to design the optimal financial model to maximize revenues and profitability. With that in mind, the key financial data, key drivers, and key strengths that should be part of any successful business model for the bulk industry. Vertical integration, for example, can be used to create a more efficient supply chain – and the first step of any supply chain is sourcing grapes.

*** About Evan Stein ***

CFO, The Thornhill Companies, Greater Los Angeles Evan is a proven leader with over 20 years of operational finance experience working for top blue-chip companies in their respective industries that have included Procter and Gamble, L’Oreal, and Pfizer. He is a strategic executive that brought best in class financial practices and processes to help shape finance organizations to become key enablers in a company’s future growth. Evan has a very broad and unique financial background having worked for companies in 6 different industries. He holds an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis as well as a Greenbelt in Six Sigma for Financial Services. Prior to joining the Miller Family Wine Company as Chief Financial Officer, Evan led Treasury Wine Estate’s commercial finance operations for half the US market and had direct accountability for both P&L and pricing strategy.

*** About IBWSS SF Conference ***

No show offers buyers a greater opportunity to meet producers who offer private label wine, spirits, bulk wine, bulk spirits and contract manufacturing. IBWSS is the ONLY show in the US that will bring the world to you. Over the course of two days leading figures from the global and US wine industry will share their advice, insights, and experiences on how bulk wine and spirits can help grow your private label and branded product business. The event will include a combination of conference sessions and workshop-style sessions. IBWSS buyers are other wineries and distilleries looking to meet up their demand, Importers, Retailers, and Distributors looking for private label programs, negotiants who are looking to meet the growers and producers. Get your visitor pass today and meet the leading bulk and private label suppliers from all over the world. Know More At :

***About the Organisers: Beverage Trade Network***

Beverage Trade Network is one of the world's leading networks for beverage, wine, spirits and beer importers, distributors, producers and related companies. Our database and directory listing of the world's leading beer, wine, spirit and non-alcoholic drink producers provides our importers and distributors an advantage to source and innovate their portfolios.

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Bulk Wine Financial Benchmarks

Optimizing the balance of your cost of goods, allocated expenses, the costs of doing business through sales channels options, distributor costs, and markups, and on-premise and off-premise licensee markups is imperative to maximize your profits. Knowing these industry benchmarks and best practices enable you to fine-tune your bulk wine financial plans and goals.
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