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International Women's Wine Competition 2020




So, who does the nightly wine shopping in your family...him or her?

You may find it interesting that most of the wine consumed at home is primarily purchased by women.  But as a winemaker, how do you know which wine she will prefer?

One way is to enter your wine in the International Women’s Wine Competition, judged entirely by wine industry professional women.  Its mission?  To uniquely identify specific wines that women will enjoy and ultimately purchase.

Why produce a women’s wine competition?  Event founder and president, Debra Del Fiorentino say, “This competition’s niche appeal certainly gives women their own ‘voice’, when selecting a wine.  The judges recognize not only the best wines submitted but also the wines they feel would appeal most to women wine buyers and consumers. And even though a special nod goes to the best woman winemaker, it’s important to know that this competition is open to all winemakers, male and female alike.”

?For further information: International Women's Wine Competition

Location & Dates

From: 12/05/2020
Up to: 13/05/2020
Location: 7686 Bell Road Windsor, CA 95492


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