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Company From: United States Looking for: Wine from:



We are wine importers in the US and looking to import wines and spirits in New Jersey. 

Postal address

Address: 220 Davidson Avenue, Suit 325, Somerset, NJ, USA
City: Somerset, Franklin Township
State: New Jersey
ZIP code:
Country: Somerset County


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Buyer Country: United Kingdom Looking for: Rum From:

We are looking to start a liquor company based in the UK and are in search of spirit producers who can produce "Desi" i.e. rum to a high quality that is distilled at least 5 times. We are looking to import this into the UK for bottling. The supplier must have a track record of exporting to outside of India. The supplier must also own their own distillery.

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Buyer Country: United Kingdom Looking for: Wine From:

A new Urban Winery project in the UK is looking for a) small boutique projects to partner with and directly import b) access to bulk wine that we can then blend and age at our winery c) access to quality wine grapes we can transport to the UK to make our own urban wines

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Buyer Country: Poland Looking for: Wine From:

we're looking for: 1) To begin, a semi-dry or dry yet very fruity rosé for CANNED wine product. Grape variety is not important. In the future we plan to make white and red wine, so an ongoing relationship is possible! 2) Canning requires a PH under 3. 3) Canning facility is located in the UK. Import clearance for the UK is vital. 4) The brand is based in Warsaw. Is there a way to send a sample or indicate an existing wine label from the supplier for CEO to taste? 5) Quantity desired is 1000L, but we can negotiate to purchase up to 3000L if necessary. 6) We're trying to spend below 2 Euro / liter for the future on 5000-10,000 L, HOWEVER, for our first batch of 1000-3000L we have some price flexibility, and can spend more. 7) We can cover the shipping costs as necessary. Please do not hesitate to contact me or, if you can supply a rosé based on these necessities, please send information and pricing.

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