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California importer and retailer looking for high quality boutique wines from Italy and France.

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Address: 445 Devlin Road, Napa, CA, USA
City: Napa
State: CA
ZIP code:
Country: Napa County


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import & export Attaché Wine And Spirits Distribution Import and Export Services for Wine and Spirits in the U.S. If you intend to import a large number of alcoholic drinks shipped to the U.S., contact us for any paperwork and compliance with the legal requirements, such as the Federal importer basic permit, FDA product registration, and the customs continuous bond. Helping You Meet Wine & Spirits Distribution Legal Requirements Before you can trade in the profitable import wines and spirits business in the U.S., you must have an efficient business and marketing plan. Adequate finances for the import-export freight costs are necessary too. But even more important than the sales strategy and the capital finances is the identification of an import-export company that helps you to ship alcoholic or nonalcoholic beverages. Wine and spirits distribution companies, importers will need to comply with several laws, licenses, and permits including: • Employer Identification Number (EIN): The EIN enables you to get a Federal import permit and to open a bank account for your wines and spirits import-export firm. • . • The TTB (Alcohol and Trade Tax Bureau) requires you to get the Federal Importer Basic Permit, which is a letter from the winery willing to sell wines and spirits to you. • Certificate of Label Application (COLA): Before you can ship your wines & spirits to the United States, you must get the appropriate labeling of alcoholic drinks. • Home State Licenses: Each of the state in the U.S. have local licensing regulations for the residents willing to engage in wine & spirits distribution. Wines and Spirits Import and Export Agency We are experienced wines and spirits import and export agency that can help you clear the alcoholic drinks cargo with the U.S. Customs and border protection (CBP). Our agency will also assist to clear with the FDA and the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and explosives (ATF). We always ensure that your import goods are loaded onboard a vessel and also facilitate the quick shipment of products to the United States. Talk to us today for advice on import-export freight charges and terms of sale negotiations with the wines and spirits suppliers worldwide.

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Buyer Country: United States Looking for: Wine From:

GOOD DAY Fruit Wine The first release of 16.9% in the country Flawless purified water from cutting-edgE R/O system. It contains 3 essential amino acids that the body needs and helps with hangovers. Alcohol :16.9% Capacity UPC Code Unit / Case White_BottleBottle 375ml 8801100129729 20Btl / case White_PetPet 1.75L 8801100129620 8Pet / case

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