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Company From: Israel Looking for: RTD (ready-to-drink cocktails) from:




Postal address

Address: HaBonim, Israel
City: netanya
State: israel
ZIP code:


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Buyer Country: United States Looking for: Rum From:

Looking for a distillery to create a private label Rum brand. Trandmark has already been approved.

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Buyer Country: Malaysia Looking for: Vodka From:

MBf Holdings Limited is a wine importer in Selangor, looking to import soju, sake or vodka from these selected regions for distribution in Malaysia or Asia Pacific market. We already possess the liquor import license for Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and Fiji market. Please contact with details.

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Buyer Country: United States Looking for: Wine From:

AKA Distribution Co. is a wine importer based in California looking for a private label opportunity for a Pinot Grigio from Sancerre, France. Please contact with details.

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Buyer Country: Australia Looking for: Beer From:

Strategic Beverage Alliance is a beverage importer, exporter and wholesaler based in England looking for a variety/good selection of beers, anything considered. Bottles and cans, all strengths and will consider short BBF dates, depending on stock location. In bond transfer to various warehouses across europe and UK. Please contact with details.

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