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Company From: China Looking for: Liqueur from:



Looking for wine brands coming from China.

Postal address

Address: Jackson's Industry Park, AoJiang Economic Development Zone
City: Lianjiang County
State: Fujian Province
ZIP code:
Country: Fuzhou


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Looking for Red, White, Rose, Sparkling Wines and Kosher Wines that are currently warehoused and available for sale in the United States. We are a New York and New Jersey based distributor that is looking for wines that are already imported into the United States. The wines should wholesale in the $40 to $90 per case category

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Replacing serving wine from Bottles with an eco-friendly,fresh-tasting and cost-effective solution. We are looking for wines in PET Kegs and Polish Vodka.

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we are looking for the Blended whisky and Gin for the India market. In mid segment price range.

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