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Take your profile to the next level and get featured in the world's largest wine, spirits consultant network. All for $50 a month.

Take your profile to the next level.

Your BTN Profile represents your first opportunity to make an impression on prospective clients.

Using the suite of tools offered by BTN Pro, you have the opportunity to customize your profile and maximize its impact. Create a personal service page for your firm to capture the attention of potential clients.


Generate Leads and Find New Brands

BTN Pro helps you manage all the inquiries you get from suppliers that are looking for help. Brand owners and importers will see your contact information and be able to contact you directly. You will be able to list your description in detail saving you time in qualifying your inquiries from suppliers.. Highlight which territories you cover, compensation type and the valuable skills you offer to potential clients.


Measure and track your performance.

BTN Pro provides you with data about how many people see your profile (including how effectively your profile is driving contacts.) With this data, you can track your performance and optimize your profile to ensure you are reaching the suppliers that need your services.

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