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Post Covid Trends In The US Wine Industry

Covid or no Covid, consumers are still drinking wine. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some wine trends that are bound to stay post Covid-19.

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The global outbreak of the Covid-19 virus changed a lot of things across the world. The one thing that the pandemic didn’t change was consumers drinking wine. Covid or no Covid, consumers are still drinking wine. In fact, during the first month of lockdown, wine consumption across the United States went up as consumers were drinking more. However, what changed was the way people were drinking. Over time, wine trends have changed immensely due to the pandemic at hand - and some of these trends are here to stay even post Covid. 

Let’s take a look at some wine trends that are bound to stay post Covid-19.

Entry level wines here to stay

During lockdown, and even now, post lockdown, consumers are moving towards entry level wines once again. The main reason for this is the lowered incomes. Majority of wine drinkers don’t have the disposable income that they used to have earlier. However, of course, they are still going to be drinking. Instead of the premium wines which were beginning to gain popularity pre-pandemic, entry level wines are back again. Consumers are spending less per bottle, but buying in bulk instead. So, with lowered incomes, and the intent of stocking up - consumers are shifting back to lower priced, valuable wines.

Online wine buying to rise more than ever

Right now, e-commerce for wine is booming. Wineries, brands, retailers, are all offering online wine purchasing one way or another. Online wine buying took a hike during the lockdown period due to consumers wanting to stay in and stay safe. However, even with bars and restaurants opening up, the ease of ordering wine online and getting it delivered to your doorstep has reeled consumers in like none other. The ease of things is what attracts consumers most of the time. With wine sales moving to the e-commerce sector, consumers are able to discover new wines, new brands, find wines that are affordable, get quicker delivery, and also gain a lot of knowledge about wines. With online wine buying, consumers are also getting great deals and discounts. 

Looking at how convenient customers are finding e-commerce in wine buying, the online wine buying category is said to rise. Predicted by Nielsen, even after Covid, consumers are still going to be inclined to shop for wines online. 

Sustainability to stay 

For the past few years, consumers have been particularly interested in the sustainability of wine production. Wanting to protect Mother Earth has been one of the top priorities, especially for the younger generation, who are also the prime wine drinkers as of now. Consumer interest in sustainability is a trend that is going to remain no matter what. In fact, due to the pandemic, consumers are diving more and more into this trend. A lot of millennials are buying wine from those brands and wineries that are working sustainably, or have a plan in process to move to sustainable production.


Once again, this is a trend that started pre-pandemic, but the birth of the coronavirus has made consumers question their health even more. Consumers are focusing on their health as of now, especially with the current situation. People want to drink what’s good for them, they want to drink something with lower ABV, and so on. Health conscious drinkers are in fact adapting the concept of drinking in moderation and cutting down the amount of alcohol they are drinking. 

Ready to drink [RTD]
It’s all about convenience right now. Just like online wine buying, ready to drink is something that consumers are focusing on. For consumers, it’s easy to pick up a can of wine from the store, or order a case of pre-made sangria online. It’s easy because they don’t have to do much, and it’s like having a bar ready in front of you. What consumers are focusing on is convenience, and RTD is turning out to be one of the most convenient things for consumers to delve into. 

Trends will definitely come and go, but wine drinking is here to stay. All in all, if you’re producing good wine at a good price and meeting consumer wants - then your sales are definitely going to go where you want them to.

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