Bobal Ecológico D.o. Manchuela


From Spain

Alc. Vol %:14.50


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Post Date24/09/2021


D.O. Manchuela 2019
Red wine 6 months in barrel.
Variety: 100% Bobal. 14.5% vol.

Highly recommended with red meats, stews and aged cheeses.
Tasting note:
Selection of grapes from vineyards of more than 20 years in dry land and with glass pruning, which determines low-yield productions and concentrated grapes.
Made in a traditional way and aged for 6 months in French and American oak barrels, under strict quality controls that allow us to concentrate all the virtues of our grapes in our wine for adequate longevity.
Certified organic wine:
Organic wine produced through processes that guarantee the best sustainability and maximum respect for the environment.

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About Our Winery In the summer of 1944 and thanks to the initiative of a group of farmers from the locality, pressed by the need to update and under the legality established by the new Regime to the Agricultural Union "Nuestra Señora de la Consolación", 34 farmers from Iniesta decided to sign the founding statutes of the “Unión Campesina Iniestense”, a Cooperativa del Campo Local subject to the precepts of the Law of January 2, 1942 and its Regulations and framed in the Trade Union Brotherhood of Farmers and Cattlemen of the town . The first moments were very difficult, and after the approval of the Cooperative by the Ministry of Labor, on December 27, 1944, the first Governing Board, headed by Felipe Orozco Garrido, made every effort to integrate the agrarian unionism, born in Iniesta on August 3, 1930 when the agrarian union “Nuestra Señora de la Consolación” was founded, with the new legislative frameworks emanating from the National-Trade Union Cooperation, under the tutelage and control of the Trade Union Brotherhood of Farmers and Ranchers. On March 15, 1945 and at its last General Meeting, 109 shareholders of the agricultural union "Nuestra Señora de la Consolación" at the proposal of its President, Felipe Orozco Garrido, approved the adaptation of their lives to the Cooperation Law of two of January 1942 and Regulations for the application thereof, through the integration of the Union in the Cooperativa del Campo to which they assign on December 19, 1946 all their assets, premises, assets and assets. The First Campaign The first grape harvesting campaign carried out by the Cooperativa del Campo "Unión Campesina Iniestense" was that of 1947, which was awarded in a unitary way to D. Gabriel Correa Díaz, a local winemaker. It would not be until 1953, and already with the presidency of Rafael Talavera Pareja (1950-1959), when the Cooperative had its own facilities, which allowed it to collect 1,971,000 kgs of grapes, obtaining 1,546,000 liters of wine as a product. . The 1950s served to lay the foundations for the future evolution of the Unión Campesina Iniestense, since in 1954 the oil mill was started up in the area currently occupied by the bottling plant, and three years later, in December 1957 the Caja Rural is established within the Cooperative and the feed mill is started up. Extension At the end of the decade, in 1959 the first expansion of the winery was proposed, given its limited capacity to meet the needs of the growing social mass, which at that time in 1959 reached 500 associates, who contributed to the cooperative 3,112,000 kgs of grapes, of which 2,365,000 liters of wine were obtained, making it necessary to rent a vessel in Utiel to transfer almost half a million liters of must there. Also in that year, 1959, the agricultural machinery section was launched with the acquisition of a “Ursus” tractor and a “Batlle” brand thresher. The decade of the 60s and 70s saw successive extensions that extended the facilities of the Cooperative to the other side of the road, raising the warehouses that are next to it, the scale and the dumps and warehouses with new warehouses, all under the Presidencies of Esteban Cuéllar Anguix (1959-1963), Santiago Gadea Monteagudo (1963-1965), Manuel Pozo Núñez (1965-1969), Pedro Correa Villanueva (1969-1973) and, again, Santiago Gadea Monteagudo (1973-1981) , which were accompanied by a considerable increase in the amount of grapes entering the winery, exceeding 24,000,000 kilos of grapes in 1981. The last 25 years have been marked by the modernization of the facilities and the enhancement of the winery section, leaving in the background the oil mill, currently in disuse, the feed mill and the machinery section, for the benefit of the hardware service and sale of phytosanitary products, fertilizers and accessories, as well as the sale of fuel. The adaptation to the new sociopolitical circumstances of our country has led to three modifications of its statutes in 1977, 1988 and 1996 while the Caja Rural has been transformed into a Credit Section, which has been in operation since 1990. It was also in the mid-80s that the cooperative decided to go one step further and began to bottle its wines after the incorporation of the current winemaker Angel Carrascal into the cooperative, which led to the opening of another sales channel for wines. Iniesta and new business opportunities; thus also giving way to the 90s with the first steps of the commercial department, who first began by selling bottled wines in the area. On May 7, 2003, a new bottling plant was invested, which was inaugurated by the then president of Castilla la Mancha, Mr. José Bono Martínez. This bottling company continues to have the same location in the facilities but it has suffered, as it could not be less, various changes, improvements and extensions that allow these days the production and bottling of all kinds of wines and in different presentations to be able to adapt to the requests of the increasingly demanding markets in terms of quality and presentation. It was from then on when the commercial department settled down definitively, giving way to the development of marketing plans, market research and a long etcetera in terms of work to begin with the internationalization of our wines. In 2011, the winery transformed 1,500 hectares of the 7,000 owned by its partners, into an organic vineyard, thus becoming the largest organic red wine winery in the world. Yet another door that opens for the marketing of wines and musts, the result of the production of approximately 50 million kilos of grapes that are harvested annually. IN SEÑORÍO DE INIESTA We combine tradition, innovation and technology Of course, the winery continues to invest in R + D + I today, one of the latest investments being the acquisition of a "micro-winery", which allows our team to develop new and innovative products before even reaching have the final elaborations. The last big step, and no less important for that, was obtaining a Quality Seal, awarded under the Featured Standard Certification, known as IFS Food, which certifies the bottler. This Quality Seal is recognized worldwide for its demand both at the product and technological level and allows both buyers and the end customer to have the certainty that the product made in these facilities far exceeds all the quality levels that could be required in any market. With the obtaining of this seal, there are also many doors that are opened as an aid to the commercialization of our wines, since more and more, and especially the large importers at a European level, require winemakers to be in possession of one of these quality certificates. Currently the Cooperative, and through its Commercial and Management Department, sells its products, musts and wines both in bulk and bottled, covering both national and international markets, and reaching countries such as the United States, China, Japan, South Korea, and different European countries, including: Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Ireland and Czech Republic, among others ... Thanks to its privileged situation between the valleys of the Júcar and the Gabriel rivers, and its elevation at 750 meters above sea level, the winery has an ideal microclimate for growing wine. Among its different varietals Tempranillo, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Macabeo and Sauvignon Blanc, it is worth highlighting the “Bobal” variety native to the area and with which mainly rosé wines are made, recognized worldwide for their particular raspberry flavor and color. , characteristic of the variety, wines that have been obtaining recognized awards in competitions such as "Brussels World Contest" and "Mundus Vini" (among others) and the most outstanding for us are the Wine Trophies that are held in Germany, Portugal and Asia all the years, in which well-known wines such as Señorío de Iniesta Roble, young tempranillos, rosés and Sauvignon blanc white wine obtain a Gold medal year after year, and even Gran Oro in 2014; thus certifying the quality of the wines that the Cooperative makes and that also help us to continue reaching our current and potential clients with our products. And finally, the Cooperative obtains the award for the best producer of more than 500 hectares in the wine champions league, which recognizes the UCI as the best in the world among the more than 3,000 wineries presented, in one of the categories of the Golden league 2016 contest organized by Deutsche Wein Marketing (DWM) with the sponsorship of the international organization of Vine and Wine (OIV). In the Golden League, the wineries that have obtained the most medals in the competitions carried out by DWM, which we have mentioned above, compete, being Bodega UCI the one that has won the award this year in the category of more than 500 hectares. Obtaining this award obtained from more than 3,000 wineries and 30,000 wines tasted around the world is the result of the numerous quality processes that are being applied in the winery and of the great joint work of winegrowers and professionals, both in production as in the production of wines.

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