Vindicum (VM)-Cabernet Sauvignon Semisweet Red


From Moldova, Republic of

Alc. Vol %:11.00


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Post Date12/03/2021


Red Semisweet Cabernet-Sauvignon - VM

A natural semi sweet wine with nice red to dark red color, produced from high quality grapes of Cabernet Sauvignon, cultivated in the Central Zone of Moldova. The wine flaunts intriguing aromas of blackberry, red cherry, with slight accent of vanilla which creates the balance between alcohol, tannin and acidity.

Alcohol content: 11 %

Sugar content: 18-45 g/dm3

The “VM” series of wines is a rebranding of the old “De Prut” series made in collaboration with our partners from Czech Republic and The Baltic states. The wines are young and semisweet, bottled in European bottles.


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The production factory of Vindicum Ltd was firstly established in the late of the 60’s, being a part of a national unified program of wine production for the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic, having as main objective the bottling of wine produced in the central part of Moldova. In 1989 it was transformed into the joint-stock company “Straseni” and from 1996 till present it became a private company having its main activities focused on wine production and sales. Vindicum Ltd wines gained fame and were awarded at different wine festivals and exhibitions obtaining bronze, silver and golden medals in its portfolio.

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