Tagaro Passo Del Sud Appassimento Edizione


From Italy

Alc. Vol %:15.00


Price per unit US$9.50

Price per unit €:On request

Post Date15/06/2020


Production area: Puglia, 250/300 m asl

Withering: manual harvesting and arrangement of the bunches in single layers in perforated boxes weighing up to 5 kg. The crates are placed in the fruit cellar at controlled temperature and humidity for 5 weeks; in this environment, the activity of enzymes naturally present on grapes allows the formation of particular aromatic compounds as well as a slight drying by dehydration. Destemming of the grapes, pressing and cooling of the crushed grapes for 24 hours, triggering of fermentation with selected yeasts. Drawing off and pressing of the marc for 8/10 days after the end of the alcoholic and malolactic fermentation. Duration of maceration: 15 days.

Refinement: 30 days in steel tanks (for de-purging practices) refinement for 12 months in medium-toasted French 225l barrels, refinement in bottle for 4 months.

Grape variety : 40% Nero di Troia, 30% Primitivo, 30% Merlot

Alcoholic strength: 15% Vol.

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We are selling the underrated Southern Italian wines with appellations such as Primitivo, Primitivo di Manduaria, Zinfandel, Negromaro, Nero di Troia, Verdeca, Susumaniello and many more. Our brands consists of some of the best brands in the region.

Eagle Spirits Imports and Exports,  present some of the most well-respected wine and craft spirit brands from around the globe, for every taste and budget. Our philosophy is simple: offer a stellar selection of premium wines and spirits produced with the highest level of craftsmanship and value to elevate every experience with every glass.

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from Italy

A MASSIVE, ANCIENT KEY OPENS THE OLD WOODEN DOOR OF THE OLD WINERY, THE HEART OF WHAT ONCE WAS THE HEART OF MASSERIA TAGARO. A Trullo in which grapes and vines have followed one another, intertwined with passions and hard work of man.

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