Pajo Cabernet Sauvignon Red


From Chile

Alc. Vol %:13.50


Price per unit US$5.40

Price per unit €:On request

Post Date09/03/2021


The Pajo wine was created by the owner of the La Quirigua vineyard, Pablo Jofré Rivano, and the French winemaker Stephane Geneste, to develop a wine with identity, from a small production, in a very privileged area of ​​the Maule Valley of Chile, in the central zone, where the Quirigua vineyard is located, vines located on gentle slopes, formed into a trellis on loamy soil, with fair irrigation, and limited production of bunches per vine. The aim is to achieve a wine with the purest expression of the strain and the terroir where it is planted, without additions, mixtures or pretensions, rather than the potential that the strain wants to offer. light maturation in oak barrels.

Ruby color, medium density, round tannins, very aromatic. shades of dried ginda and plum. contains low sulfite.


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We grow our own grapes and we produce our fresh white wines, Sauvignon Blanc and aromatic red Cabernet Sauvignon. We take care to maintain the original flavors of the cultivated strains, producing high quality wines, with flavors and aromas that are distinctive of the Terroir. The Mediterranean climate of the area, the calcareous soil and the icy breezes of autumn mornings, make our wines an unforgettable experience at a very good price. Our production is small, which allows us to closely control quality. We have an annual production of 100,000 bottles per vine. We have fresh, varietal wine and also wines aged in oak barrels.

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