R. Griesedieck Old Scenter White Dog

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While his Dad got caught bootlegging beer, he never got caught supplying his best customers with his distilled spirits run from his underground brewery.

In honor of our family’s distilling legacy, we have revived this chapter of our family's heritage, and founded the R. Griesedieck Distilling Company to bring these famous spirits back to life.

Each of these fine spirits are made with the same formulas and distilling processes our Great Grandfather used during the Prohibition era.

Now you can personally experience what it was like to imbibe on the sly during the Prohibition era with these AUTHENTIC SPIRITS. 

Live like you are in the Roaring 20’s!

Full Product Specifications

Date Created: 14/11/2017
Product Name: R. Griesedieck Old Scenter White Dog
Product Type: Whisky
Country of origin: United States
Stock available: On request
Price per unit US$: 165.00
Price per unit €: On request
Alc. Vol %: 40.00
Format: 750ml

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US States this brand is looking to be distributed in:

R. Griesedieck Distilling

R. Griesedieck Distilling Company is spirits division of Griesedieck Brothers Brewery. It is a revival of our pre-Prohibition distilling heritage. We have re-founded this chapter of our heritage starting with a premium vodka, silver rum, and white whiskey. We look to expand our distribution through strategic distributor partners around the U.S. and potentially other countries.

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