Niall of the Nine Hostages


From Ireland

Alc. Vol %:40.00


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Post Date24/05/2024


Niall of the Nine Hostages isn’t just a whiskey; it’s a legend brought to life. Inspired by the captivating tale of the legendary high king of Ireland who held hostage members of nine rival clans to retain his power, this whiskey embodies a spirit of resilience and bold character. Crafted with care by the Cooley mountains.

The whiskey is tripled distilled, non chilled filtered preserving its natural flavours and textures. Matured in bourbon casks, it boasts a harmonious blend of smoothness and depth, inviting you to savour each moment as you journey through centuries of tradition. Raise your glass to Niall of the Nine Hostages and toast to the legacy of kings. Sláinte.


tasting notes:



Sweet on the nose, toffee apple, light hints of cloves, with butterscotch & cinnamon at the rear.


Sweetness upfront followed by a toffee & soft vanilla essence, fruits & a slight spiciness.

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Our first whiskey line ,\'Niall of the Nine Hostages\' pays tribute to the High King of Ireland, \'Niall Noígíallach\'. This bourbon casked matured blended Irish whiskey is drawing eyes and salivating palate across the globe.

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