Belgian Owl Single Malt Whisky

Brand Presentation

This indispensable drink is the result of the way we use our know-how to introduce the distillate to the oak wood.

Nose: Without any doubt, the key words here are freshness and precision. The delicate tones of roasted oak and toffee melt into the fruity signature of Belgian Owl: conference pear, muscat, crystallised angelica and apple jam. When the whisky further opens up in your glass you will discover the aroma of vanilla pudding and ambeed banana.

Mouth: Surprising thanks to the perfect balance of different aromas that the nose already brought to light and that developed further in the mouth: spanish honey, vanilla and coconut ice cream, candied ginger, apples fried in butter and plum tart.

Finish: A long nish that returns from the avours in the mouth to the pleasent taste of the malt distillate, leaving a fruity and woody echo of the Hesbaye region as its legacy.

Technical details:

Age: 36 months

Ageing: 1st filled burbon casks

Alcohol vol: 46%

Content: 50cl

Handcrafted: 100% Belgian

Values: Sustinable agriculture and fair trade

Region: Hesbaye

Drying: Unpeated

Distillation: Former caperdonich pot stills 1898

Wood: American white oak - Quercus alba

Color: Natural coloring by the wood

Filtration: No chill filtering


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Full Product Specifications

Date Created: 20/01/2021
Product Name: Belgian Owl Single Malt Whisky
Product Type: Whisky
Country of origin: Belgium
Stock available: On request
Price per unit US$: On request
Price per unit €: On request
Alc. Vol %: 46.00
Format: 50 ml

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Dexowl - The Owl Distillery

Dexowl are the exclusive worldwide distributors of the Belgian Owl Single Malt Whiskies: - Our brand DNA: one of the best distillers in the world, 100% terroir whisky with local belgian emotion - A unique terroir: two stills from Caperdonich distillery in Speyside, fair-trade barley grown with local farmers, water pumped nearby the distillery - A top-notch quality: a multi-awarded core range, twice European Single Cask of the Year by Jim Murray - Our value proposal: * A sustainable philosophy (100% natural and fair-trade elaboration from our land to your glass) * A full range including a New-Make, rare and trendy * Essential Human Values at the core of our approach * A Belgian Savoir-Faire together with a Scottish tradition * A non-peated aromatic profile, "Signature de la Maison" * An Ultra-premium experience for the true connoisseurs

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