Dawn Corn Shochu

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A light, clear and highly aromatic liquor, Dawn Corn Schohu was crafted to match any taste!  We use 100% white kernel corn, naturally occurring yeast and very long fermentation process to produce our shochu. Thanks to the high sugar content in our exclusive corn, we do not add any other grains, sugars or other ingredients during production. In order to preserve natural sweetness and aroma of corn, we distill our shochu once and bottle it immediately. Thanks to our shochu's smooth taste and light, fruity finish, it can be served neat, on the rocks or with hot water. It also mixes well into cocktails - we recommend adding a splash of flavoured sparkling water or Ginger ale, but it also compliments Ooolong teas and strong beers.

  • Just corn, water, & sunshine.
  • 75 day fermentation.
  • 1 distillation.
  • No added sugar or yeast. No purine. No gluten.


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Full Product Specifications

Date Created: 20/11/2020
Product Name: Dawn Corn Shochu
Product Type: Spirit
Country of origin: Taiwan, Province of China
Stock available: On request
Price per unit US$: 35.00
Price per unit €: On request
Alc. Vol %: 25.00
Format: 750ml

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Dawn Corn Shochu

Our shochu is made of a special variety of WHITE CORN and goes through a SINGLE DISTILLATION process. We chose this particular cultivar of corn as our ingredient for its high sweetness level of 19%, comparable to most fruit. We use the entire corn ear and naturally occurring yeast during the fermentation and due to corn's high sugar content, we do not add any other ingredients (fruit, sugars, grains) during the process. After the fermentation is complete, the end product goes through a single distillation process, perfectly preserving the FULL AROMA and SWEET AFTERTASTE of corn. Thanks to the lack of additives, flavours or preservatives, our shochu is a truly ARTISAN spirit.

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